Hydronic Floor Heating

With hydronic floor heating systems water is heated in a boiler and circulated at safe low pressure at around 35 – 40C through extremely durable plastic pipes laid in or under the floor.

For floor heating, the heat source is connected to one or more manifolds, with one manifold per floor level for a typical house. Each manifold can have a number of floor heating circuits.

Alternatively, radiator panels can be used in cases where floor heating is not an option. Although they are called ‘radiators’, they provide predominantly convective heat with some radiant heat. In general, radiant systems like floor heating are more efficient, particularly with higher ceilings, and they provide more comfort for the occupants.

  • Tacker System (Insulation)

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    The Tacker System is designed to be placed directly underneath hydronic floor heating pipes to minimise downward heat loss and aid in faster warm up times. Tacker is comprised of a sheet of expanded polystyrene (EPS) sheet with a laminated fabric reinforced polyethylene based water resistant foil, printed with a grid to help ensure appropriate pipe spacing and fastening. No water from the screed will penetrate through the insulation when the sheet is taped because the foil overlaps the sheet and the tape becomes the secondary seal to ensure that no leakage occurs. The Tacker system complies with the relevant industry standards, is CFC free and has a Class F fire rating.

    The standard thickness is 25mm (EPS70) suitable for 16mm hydronic heating pipes and has an R value of 0.65. Sheets are 2.4 x 1.2 m for a coverage of 0.35 sheets per m2.

  • Radiator Panels

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  • Diffusion Plates (Insulation)

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    The Diffusion Plate System accommodates 16mm heating pipes and uses 0.8mm thick aluminium plates to diffuse the heat over the floor area. The heat is then transferred through the floor surface into the room. Due to the high conductivity of the  plates  the reaction  time  compared  to  traditional  screed  systems  is  reduced.

    This system has been designed for timber joist floors or battened timber floors over concrete slab applications with hydronic floor heating systems. Insulation is required under a suspended timber floor application and is recommended when installed over a concrete floor.

    Size: 1.0m x 0.338m in 0.8 thick Aluminium with 200mm 2-channel pipe spacing. Conductivity 160W/mK.

    Maximum thickness of wood surface over the diffusion plate: 20 mm.

  • Bosch & Baxi Boilers

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    Bosch Residential Boilers

    Bosch is a market leader in high efficiency residential condensing boilers. These products are designed to deliver hot water and
    heating comfort. This environmentally friendly Hydronic Heating range of gas condensing boilers can help lower your gas bills,
    save you money, and reduce your carbon footprint. Accessories for Bosch high efficiency condensing boilers are also available.

    Baxi Commercial Boilers

    Baxi is a market leader in high efficiency commercial condensing boilers that are designed to deliver heating water for hydronic

  • Danfoss Return Temperature Limiter FJVR Valve bodies

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    The FJVR valve (normal flow) is used exclusively in conjunction with the FJVR return temperature limiter sensor. The FJVR valve is mounted in the outlet of a radiator or floor heating circuit. The valve and sensor can be fitted in any position as long as the flow direction is observed.

  • Danfoss FTC Flow Temperature Controller

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    Floor temperature controls for individual floor heated rooms – ideal for isolated bathrooms. The flow temperature controller FTC is used for controlling the supply temperature in mixing circuits for floor heating and radiator systems. The FTC is a self-acting thermostatic sensor, which can be combined with 2-way valve bodies type RA-N, RA-C and RTD-N.

  • Danfoss TWA Standard Actuator Valves

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    The thermal actuator TWA range is used with electrical on/off-controls to activate several types of valves and floor heating manifolds. The actuator is equipped with a visual position indicator to show the open or closed position of the valve. The TWA-actuator can be connected to the RA, RAVL and RAV valves from Danfoss. Furthermore versions for valves with M30x1.5 connection are available. The actuator is made for either 24 V (SELV) or 230 V supply in both normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) versions (valve positions with no supply voltage to the actuator). The 24 V actuator for RA valves also comes in a NC/S-version having an end-switch.

  • Rehau Pipe

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    In hydronic floor heating systems water is heated in a boiler and circulated at safe low pressure at around 35 – 40C through extremely durable plastic pipes laid in or under the floor.

  • Danfoss FHV Regulating Valves

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    Floor temperature controls for individual floor heated rooms – ideal for isolated bathrooms. The FHV valves provide temperature control of floor heating circuits using a FJVR return temperature limiter or a RA 2000 radiator thermostat sensor to maintain the temperature at a constant level. In addition to individual control of either room temperature or return water temperature the FHV valves are also available in versions combining the two functions in one valve body. The valves are designed to be built into a solid or partition wall, making only the front cover and sensor visible in the final installation. The valves are suitable for compression fittings and are delivered with built-in air vent.

  • Danfoss FHM-C Mixing Shunts

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    The pre-fabricated floor heating mixing shunts are used for regulating the correct flow and supply temperature into the hydronic floor heating system. Compact mixing shunts for regulating flow and supply temperatures in floor heating systems. Their compact and flexible design allows the shunt to be mounted on either side of the manifold. A self-acting proportional regulator is used to regulate the supply temperature to ensure it is always constant and at the required temperature.

    • Thermometer 0-60ºC Ø35mm
    • FHM-C6 Compact Shunt w/ pump UPS 15-60
    • FHM-C8 Compact Shunt w/ pump A2 15-60
    • FH-ST 55ºC Safety Thermostat
    • FH-TC Temperature Controller
    • FHM-FL Flow Limiter
    • FHM-MS Measurement Set
    • FHM-AF Angle Fittings

  • Danfoss FHF Manifold Accessories

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    Continuous brass manifolds used for controlling water flow in Hydronic floor heating systems. The supply side manifold comes with or without flowmeters. The return side manifold is equipped with integrated Danfoss pre- setting  valves  for  easy  balancing.

    A range of high quality accessories for FHF Manifolds including:

    • RA TWA NC/220V Actuator
    • End Piece with Automatic Airvent
    • End Piece with Manual Airvent
    • End Caps (2 pcs)
    • Connection Pieces (2pcs)
    • Reducing Bushes (2pcs)
    • Mounting Brackets (2pcs)
    • Ball Valve Set (2pcs)
    • Manifold Frame

  • Danfoss Manifolds

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    The Danfoss floor heating manifolds are used for heat regulation in floor heating systems. Both flow and return manifold have 1” connections, with connections for between 2 to 12 heating circuits. The manifold is equipped with Danfoss’ integrated valves with pre-setting for easy installation and commissioning. The valves are controlled by Danfoss’ TWA thermal actuators. A full programme of manifold accessories, including brackets, end sections with drain taps and automatic air vents, ball valves, thermometer and reduction pieces, is available.