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under timber floor hydronic heating


There’s nothing like beautifully finished timber flooring with the added bonus of warmth! Can you put hydronic underfloor heating under wooden floors? Yes you can!

Many home owners love combining the look and feel of warm timber floors to achieve optimum comfort in their living spaces. Entertaining family and friends during the cold winter months has never been more comfortable!

Hydronic underfloor heating timber floors can be a very effective way of heating your home in Australia, however, there are a few restrictions to keep in mind. With timber floors, it it essential that the surrounding humidity be kept at a level that will not shrink or warp the timber.

To avoid this, it is important to be aware of the heat restrictions advised by your timber floor manufacturer before installing your hydronic floor heating systems. Typically, the floor heating systems is controlled by using air and floor sensing thermostats to ensure that the floor surface temperature. does not exceed 27°C (or whatever is recommended by your timber floor supplier).

Installation Under Timber Floor

Battened timber floors are best heated using a diffusion plate system. Diffusion plates are aluminum plates that are used to fix the pipes with hydronic heating systems.

The diffusion plates are designed for under timber heating installations and include the required insulation beneath the piping system.

They feature embedded “recessed” aluminum plate to hold the pipes. The aluminum plate ensure an even distribution of the heat beneath the floor material.

The plates are installed between the battens on all existing concrete slab. Screed is then used to level the surface of the battens.

A floating timber floor can be added on top of an in screed or in-slab hydronic heating system.

Hydronic Underfloor Heating Essentials

With Australian made products and knowledge you can rely on Devex Systems for reliable floor heating solutions, not just for in screed heating but also timber floor heating, under carpet heating, under tile heating and more!

We will help you choose the perfect installation for your project

Aesthetically pleasing timber finish offers a warmth unparalleled by any other finish. Wood floors are durable and strong and increase the value of any home.

The Benefits of Underfloor Heating for Timber

Although there are many suitable wooden flooring for underfloor heating, the compatibility with a hydronic system must be verified with the floor manufacturer.

Wood flooring that is reinforced with a lamella of timber as the main substrate or an engineered body makes a good option for underfloor heating. These options offer strong base and layered structures that are not impacted by the change in temperature and moisture level.s


Another factor in the efficiency of your floor heating system is a high quality thermostat. This will allow you to heat specific rooms independently and program each room needs accordingly.

Since hydronic floor heating is a central heating system, we recommend non-programmable thermostats for your installation. These thermostats can be linked to your home automation systems.

A good quality thermostat will give greater control over temperature, zoning and timing, allowing you to make the most out of your floor heating system.

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