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At Devex Systems, inclusiveness and diversity are always encouraged and reflected in our team. We have a very multicultural team with staff from all ends of the earth, such as France, South Africa, Iran, New Zealand and Canada. We also have a number of women in technical and management roles. We offer a variety of positions spanning customer service, technical, accounts, installers, estimators and management roles – all of which offer opportunity for growth and development along the way.

Key Values

  • Openness – open to feedback and willing to learn
  • Integrity – doing what you’ll say you do
  • Teamwork – working together to achieve company goals

What Sets us apart from the rest

Highly Trained and Engaged Staff

All of our employees are offered thorough, hands-on training throughout their induction process, but learning on the job never stops and is encouraged throughout the duration of your time with us! We enroll our installers and electricians in various accreditation and certification programs which allow them to be successful in their role. Our staff and management team are always willing to assist each other in better understanding our products and processes within the business. Devex Systems also supports a variety of internship opportunities and invests in personal development by funding half of all course fees that are relevant to growth within an employee’s current role. How cool is that!

Innovative, High-Quality, Customized Products

At Devex Systems we have access to various European suppliers that enable us to deliver innovative new technologies into the Australian market.  We offer a wide range of electric and hydronic floor heating and gas and electric overhead heating products. We’ve introduced our own design innovation for an integrated sustainable solar solutions that can be combined with our hydronic floor heating systems. And, most recently we launched our own brand of electric floor heating and boiler solutions. We have sourced the best European made cables, to ensure that we can locally manufacture the quality our customers have come to expect from us. The in-house fabrication of cables and mats enhances our ability to pursue our mission of customer service excellence.

Sustainable Solutions

We strive to source products that are sustainable or environmentally conscious. Our Schwank gas tube heaters, for example, ensure lower energy costs, while minimizing CO2 emissions. Their insulated interior minimises convection heat and increases the radiant factor, improving efficiency.

Similarly, our Comfortline panels emit up to 10% more usable heat than similar panels. This additional heat output is a result of our unique “Silicating Treatment” on the heating surfaces.

The Solamander Hydronic Energy Hub has been designed by Devex Systems as an environmentally sound and sustainable solution that offsets household greenhouse gas emissions and allows residential home owners to get one step closer to a carbon neutral house.

Our hydronic floor heating systems are a water-based floor heating option that keeps heating costs down by allowing a choice of energy sources. The water can be heated by a range of energy efficient and environmentally friendly options including gas boilers, electric heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps and solar energy.

So as you can see, we have quite a strong focus on solutions that will be sustainable to for our customers and the environment!

Over 40 Years of Service Excellence

Our goal is to provide our client with excellent service. This does not stop with the quality of products we offer, rather it extends to every interaction with our customers – whether over the phone, online or in person. Our team is here to find a tailored solution to meet our customer’s needs and exceed expectations. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we continue to strive to bring exciting new innovations to the table for our customers while offering only the best in service excellence.

What Sets us apart from the rest

We know that recognition is vital to an employee’s success. Aside from honoring our team’s hard work, we also want for them to reach their maximum potential. There are many ways in which we let our employees know their worth to the company.

  • Yearly reviews
  • Regular one-on-one catch ups
  • Birthday, EOY, launch party celebrations
  • Recognizes Staff Achievements
  • Remunerates on ability and potential to provide further value

Health & Safety

Safety is one of our top priorities, both for our clients and employees. To ensure that we meet specific health and safety guidelines and environment regulations, we do the following:

  • Weekly safety meetings with the installers
  • Update first aid for all installers and management
  • Update SWMS and safety folder onsite in accordance with best practice
  • Update policies and procedures in accordance with best practice
  • Address all safety issues when they become apparent
  • Forklift operated by licensed staff only and within market warehouse zones
  • Provide safety inductions and training
  • Provide all PPE equipment
  • Provide external audits of our safety policies through commercial builders

What our Staff have to say

We asked our staff what they thought of their experience working at Devex Systems and here is what a few of them had had to say!

Jean Baptiste, Technical Manager

“I have been working for more than 6 months at Devex and it’s been a great journey so far. The team is great to work with and the managers are making sure that both Devex and I were happy. I especially like the emphasis on training and education, and Devex certainly helps you develop and go outside your comfort zone.”

Nick, Operations Manager

I have been a part of the Devex Team for the past 5 years. Devex is a challenging yet extremely rewarding environment. It is a place where the business values are not just written on a wall, they are lived and breathed by the entire team. Employee development is encouraged and rewarded while a fun and productive work environment delivers the service excellence our customers have come to expect.

Marc, Warehouse Store Manager

Devex Systems has been one of the best working experiences for me. Great people that are friendly, easy going and over time I come to build really strong relationships with all staff. Team work is the key to the success of the business with plenty of growth opportunities.

Nick J, VIC Sales Manager

By far the best organisation I have ever worked at, it is rare that a company’s’ values of integrity, openness and teamwork are upheld and consistent from top to bottom.

Sue, Installation & Service Admin Coordinator

When I think about why I’ve been working at Devex Systems for so many years I realise it comes down to the people. There is obvious respect and appreciation for the contribution each person makes to the success of the business – it starts at the top and encompasses every single person. It might sound fake but we all really do get along. We help each other out, we want each other to succeed and not be overwhelmed when the workload is crazy. There is always someone who will put their hand up to help. The business has certainly grown and developed over the years and my role has diversified though, still remaining the same and I’ve been supported at every step to succeed. Every year I thank John, our Managing Director for making me feel appreciated – and I still love my job!

Justin, TAS Sales Manager

Having been employed by Devex Systems for almost 20 years, I can genuinely say I’m proud of the way the business has developed and grown over this time. We are constantly evolving – in terms of the products we offer, and the people that make up integral parts of our team – and I proudly hold a shared sense of ownership in the successes the business has enjoyed over many years.

The Management Team at Devex Systems are people focussed, and work collaboratively with staff to ensure that all are striving towards our shared goal of providing quality products with service excellence through its engaged people. Its people enjoy a strong sense of inclusion, and our mutual respect for each other ensures a healthy and harmonious work environment whilst establishing long-lasting friendships.

During my time with the business my personal developmental needs have continuously been met and challenged, and I certainly recommend Devex Systems as an employer to any enthusiastic job seeker.

Where to go from here

If working at Devex Systems sounds like a fantastic opportunity and a great fit for you, please visit our job board for the most current job opportunities available with us! If there are no active posts at the moment, please feel free to send your CV and cover letter directly through to the attention of our HR Team at [email protected].