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Electric In Screed Heating

Are you building or renovating? Heating concrete slabs with in screed electric heating is a great way to heat a kitchen or large living area!

The heat radiates from the floor, giving you a comfortable warmth that won’t blow dust around like conventional heaters. Allergen sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief!

There are three possible ways to install the electric underfloor heating: directly in the slab, in the screed or under tile mats like our X Mats.

Being highly efficient, in screed electric heating costs won’t break the bank; in fact, they’ll save you money compared to many heating systems.

Installation In Screed

Electric in screed underfloor heating consists of heating cables that fixed to the floor structure with a light steel mesh or fixing strips. The cables are embedded in a sand and cement bed that when heated, warming the floor covering. In screed heating is considered a direct acting system, although it does offer some heat storage.

This system is typically the best option for bathrooms that have some flexibility in floor-height. This is important as the cables need to be embedded in 20-30 mm of screed, and will need to be taken into consideration during the construction of the floor or early in the renovation phase.

Due to the height of the screed, these systems can raise the floor by 30 mm in addition to the floor tile. However, the benefit of this system is its ability to hold the heat for a much longer period when compared to an adhesive underfloor heating system.

In screed systems tend to take up to 30-45 minutes to heat up and then will give off heat for the same period once the system has been turned off. Screed bed systems are a great option for floor areas that are irregularly shaped, but should be installed by a trained professional.

Electric Underfloor Heating Essentials

With Australian made products and knowledge you can rely on Devex Systems for reliable floor heating solutions, not just for in slab heating but also timber floor heatingunder carpet heatingunder tile heating and more!

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