Danfoss Hydronic Balancing Valves & Actuators


Energy Saving, Balancing Solutions for Heating and Cooling Systems 

Danfoss is the world leader in hydronic heating and cooling systems. Our balancing valves and actuators, like the revolutionary AB-QM Pressure Independent Balancing & Control valve are designed to optimise commercial HVAC systems towards greater efficiency to allow for precision temperature control & balance and ensure significant energy savings.

VIDEO: AB-QM PIBCV: Overcoming HVAC Inefficiencies

Without pressure independent technology, it can be incredibly challenging to maintain the balance of an HVAC system, but with AB-QM’s revolutionary technology the compact automatic balancing valve and the pressure independent control valve have combined into one comprehensive valve structure.  AB-QM offers superior temperature control and performance compared to other pressure independent control valves on the market.

VIDEO: A brief explanation of the principle of automatic balancing & control of fancoil units in office buildings. Including the benefits of using Danfoss’ AB-QM valve compared to traditional balancing valves.

One of the most obvious advantages of this valve when compared with conventional two-way valves and manual balancing valves is that fewer products and or parts are required. This cuts down on installation and commissioning time, takes away the need to do any kind of manual balancing of the installation and reduces calculations significantly. All that is needed is the required flow and the AB-QM will automatically balance the installation immediately after having been installed

There have been close to 2 million AB-QM valves installed internationally over the past 10 years.  See Project References and Case Studies


  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Indoor Environments
  • Hotels and apartments
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Theatres
  • Shopping centres



  • Improve balance and control of room temperature
  • Optimise HVAC systems towards greater efficiency
  • High quality, European-made
  • Significant energy and cost savings
  • Quick payback – 3 years or less expected payback on retrofit applications
  • Safe and reliable
  • Suitable for new construction and retrofit projects
  • The perfect solution for controlling terminal units i.e. fan coils, chilled ceilings, air handling units etc.

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