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Radiant heat is renowned for providing efficient warmth in various situations. These include outdoor environments where other types of heating are ineffective, as well as indoor areas with unusual configurations. These heating solutions can give you unrivalled comfort in what would otherwise be cool areas.

Providing distinctive heating products since 1978, Comfortline is a name that is synonymous with quality and reliability. The Comfortline brand offers a range of sleek and modern European radiant overhead heating solutions. These strip-heating panels are ideal for hard-to-heat areas for indoor and outdoor environments.

More traditional heating sources incorporate the use of forced air heat with the air heated remotely and then transported via conduits or ducts. Unfortunately, much of that energy is lost during transportation from the heat source to the room and then through doors and windows.

With radiant heat, the energy moves through the air and only converts into heat once it encounters an object or person. This means that the energy is fully used without waste, thus contributing to considerable energy savings for the user.