Overhead heating can help to keep you at optimal temperatures, even when the mercury begins to drop. It is especially useful for heating the outdoors and other hard-to-heat areas. Our two main types are electric radiant overhead heating panels, and gas radiant overhead tube panels.

These heating solutions can give you unrivalled comfort in what would otherwise be cool areas. Radiant heat is renowned for providing efficient warmth in a range of different locations.

These include outdoor environments where other types of heating are ineffective, as well as indoor areas with unusual configurations.

Electric Radiant Overhead Heating Panels

Our range of products can help you overcome many different heating problems. We use Comfortline overhead electric radiant heating panels, which are high performance heaters that are specifically designed for hard to reach areas.

These are very energy efficient and are designed with durability in mind. In addition, we also offer the Comfortline Excel, which is even more resilient and flexible. These heaters come with two and five year warranties, respectively.

Our other options include the Comfortline Terrace Heater, which is an intelligently designed radiant heater that is perfect for both domestic and commercial use.

These have a lower temperature than other heaters, meaning that they don’t radiate unwanted light. They are an efficient and cost effective method to heat a range of different spaces.

We also have overhead radiant heaters that provide a modern way to heat commercial and residential areas, all with a stylish and sleek design. These can fit into new suspended ceilings or existing ones, as well as being surface mounted.

Ceiling heating foils are another option that can provide excellent heating solutions. These are great for new or existing homes and are installed in the the space above the ceiling. They can replace existing heat sources and are often more effective than the alternatives.


Gas Radiant Overhead Tube Heaters

Gas radiant heating can be very efficient, especially when the loss of heat to convection is minimised. There are options that are easy to install that operate almost silently, providing an easy and almost invisible heat source.

https://www.devexsystems.com.au/electric-hydronic-floor-heating-systems-accessories/hey rely on electromagnetic waves to carry heat from the source to the surfaces and people that need to be heated. This technique delivers a gentle and warm heat that also makes surrounding surfaces a more comfortable temperature.

This is done with a long laminar flame that heats tubes at up to 650 degrees Celsius and emits infrared heat through an alloy. These heaters are often known as dark heaters, because they do not emit light like luminous heaters do.

Our products use a range of the latest technologies to ensure an efficient and comfortable heat for our customers.

These include the Whisper Jet burner that is designed to produce an exceptionally long laminar flame that distributes warmth in a uniform way, giving off a continuous heat transfer over the length of the tube.

Full modulation is an operation mode that is offered in our tube heaters, helping to optimise energy usage, saving our customers money and helping to preserve the environment. It can reduce energy costs by up to 14% by adapting the performance of the system to the heat demand.
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