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Electric Underfloor Heating

For less than the cost of a coffee to run for a week, you could eliminate waking up to a cold floor.

Features & Benefits

1. Application

Electric underfloor heating is ideal for bathrooms ensuites and laundry rooms. It works well under floor coverings such as marble, stone, slate, tiles, carpet and timber floors.

2. Maintenance

Electric underfloor heating systems are virtually maintenance free as long as they have been properly installed and there is no damage to the cables. Minor damages to the cable are easily fixed and a good quality cable for underfloor heating can last up to thirty years.

3. Installation

The installation of an electric underfloor heating system is straightforward, although the level of complexity can vary depending on the system. It is important that care is taken during installation to avoid cutting or damaging the cable.

4. No Dust!

Floor heating provides a comfortable level of heating from the floor up and considerably reduces the amount of traveling dust particles that are usually stirred up by the air duct heating systems. This is a great relief to allergy and asthma sufferers.

5. Cost

Electric underfloor heating is a cost-effective solution when used properly. The average size bathroom is around $700-800 installed and cost less than a cappuccino to run for a week (2 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening).


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Electric Under Floor Heating Applications

Electric underfloor heating is ideal for bathrooms, ensuites and laundry rooms. This type of underfloor heating works well under floor coverings such as marble, stone, slate and all varieties of tiles. However, it may also be used under carpet and timber floors.

Whether you are contemplating a renovation or including electric underfloor heating for your new home, below is a guide that will help to determine your ideal installation for your floor covering type.


Do you hate getting out of the shower and feeling chilled again as soon as you step onto the cold tiles? With good quality underfloor heating, you won’t have to experience discomfort any longer!

The Benefits of Bathroom Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating systems are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and open entertainment areas and work well under almost any hard floor surface. Bathroom floor heating radiates up through the floor and provides comfort underfoot while gently managing the room temperature.


A high-quality thermostat is another factor that helps to boost efficiency. It allows you to program the thermostat according to your needs and lifestyle.

You can select from manual or programmable thermostats or incorporate a mix of the two if you prefer. A good quality thermostat will allow for greater control over temperature and timing, making it easy for you to make the most of your floor heating system.

With Devex’s X thermostats best in class warranty and easy operation, your underfloor heating system is adjusted at the touch of a button.

Bathrooms and ensuites are particularly popular locations within a home for floor heating because:

  • Total comfort heating
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Maintenance free
  • Cost effective
  • No ducts, radiators or vents
  • Hidden from view and does not take up valuable space
  • Can be applied under almost all hard surfaces
  • Silent and safe.

For your perfect underfloor heating solution installation, contact our specialists!