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Are you building or renovating? Heating concrete slabs, or in screed floor heating is a great way to heat a kitchen or large living areas (over 60 m²)!

There are three possible ways to install hydronic underfloor heating: directly in the slab, in the screed or using diffusion plates. Similar to the in slab installation, the heat produced by a hydronic in screed heating system provides a comfortable temperature by radiating from the floor upwards into the room.

Since the system does not blow dust around like forced air heaters, the application is ideal for allergy sufferers. Contrary to in slab applications, in screed tend to heat up much quicker.  This installation is primarily used in instances where there are variations in the floor surface. As the in screed installation uses part cement and part sand, it tends to level out floor surface variations better than in slab. This gives a smoother look to the chosen floor covering.

Due to its relative flexible compound, in screed applications are compatible with linoleum, laminate and vinyl flooring as well carpet and carpet tiles. It is also an option for tiles and is great for a smooth polished concrete application.

Installation In Screed

With this installation, the heating pipes are placed on top of the finished slab and covered over with screed, a mixture of cement and sand. This is ideal for a floor cover such as polish concrete, marble, stone, slate and all varieties of tiles.

This system is generally faster acting than an in slab heating system. Similar to other underfloor heating systems, the heat radiates upwards and create a comfortable, gently heated environment with no droughts, dust or noise.

The heating is controlled using floor or air sensing thermostats that regulate the flow of hot water through the pipe circuits.

We recommend insulation installed on top of the finished slab with the water pipes attached directly to the insulation. The insulation materials beneath and around the edges prevents downward heat loss.

Hydronic Underfloor Heating Essentials

With Australian made products and knowledge you can rely on Devex Systems for reliable floor heating solutions, not just for in screed heating but also timber floor heating, under carpet heating, under tile heating and more!

We will help you choose the perfect installation for your project

An efficient radiant heating that does not sacrifice comfort. Never feel a cold zone in your room again whilst removing harmful airborne allergens and bacteria from forced air installations.

The Benefits of In-Screed Heating

As the heating cable is closer to the floor, it offers quicker heating compared to in slab heating. Similar to in slab heating, once the sub floor is heated through, the heat radiates from the floor upwards into the room. This creates a comfortable and gently heated environment with no draughts, dust or noise.


A factor in the efficiency of your floor heating system is a high quality thermostat. This will allow you to heat specific rooms independently and program each room needs accordingly.

Since hydronic floor heating is a central heating system, we recommend non-programmable thermostats for your installation. These thermostats can be linked to your home automation systems.

A good quality thermostat will give greater control over temperature, zoning and timing, allowing you to make the most our of your floor heating system.

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