Hydronic In Slab Floor Heating

Are you building or renovating? Heating concrete slabs with hydronic in slab floor heating systems is a great way to heat a kitchen or large living areas (over 60 m²)!

The heat radiates from the floor giving you a comfortable warmth that won’t blow dust around like forced air heaters. Allergen sufferers can breath a sigh of relief!

The most common in slab heating installation is hydronic. There are three possible ways to install hydronic underfloor heating: directly in the slab, in the screed or using diffusion plates.

Hydronic slab heating is highly efficient and its running costs won’t break the bank, in fact it’ll save you money compared to many other heating systems.

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Hydronic Slab Heating (In Slab)

Hydronic in slab heating is the most popular way of installing hydronic floor heating. It is a storage heating system that uses the thermal mass of the slab to store heat. It makes the heating system very slow to respond (it can take one to two days to heat up the slab, depending on the thickness of the slab and the amount of floor insulation used), but is more economical to run, especially with insulation.

Once the slab is heated through, it radiates heat from the floor upwards into the room, creating a comfortable and gently heated environment with no draughts, dust or noise.

We recommend extruded polystyrene insulation (XPS) beneath the slab and on exposed slab edges to minimise potential heat loss and ensure the highest level of energy efficiency and cost savings.

The heating pipe are preferably placed on top of the mesh of the slab and require a minimum of 30 mm of concrete over the top of the piping. Other options may apply if the in slab heating installation does not allow hydronic pipes to be placed over the top section of the steel.

hydronic slab heating installation

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