Overview – Strip Heaters

Providing distinctive heating products sinde 1978, Comfortline is a name that is synonymous with quality and reliability. The Comfortline brand offers a range of sleek and modern European radiant overhead heating solutions. These strip heating panels are the ideal for hard-to-heat areas in indoor and outdoor environments.

More traditional heating sources incorportate the use of forced air heat with the air heated remotely and then transported via conduits or ducts. Unfortunately, much of that energy is lost during transportation form the heat source into the room and then through doors and windows.

With radiant heat, the energy moves through the air and only converts into heat once it encounters an object or person. This means that the energy is fully used without waste, thus contributing to considerable energy savings for the user.

Features & Benefits – Strip Heaters

The Comfortline strip haters come inone, two or three panels. The higher output models with multiple elements can run independent of each other givine greater control over the radiant heat output.

Features include:

  • Panels are plastic powder-coated in white, giving them a sleek and attractive modern appeal (other colours are available by special order)
  • May be automated using timers
  • Emits gentle lasting radiant heat that offers up to 10% more usable energy than similar panels
  • Heating surface is designed in sections of naturally anodised aluminum, set in galvanised steel case for strength.

Benefits include:

  • More balanced temperature  distribution providing a variation of only 1 or 2 degree between the floor and ceiling compates to 5 or 6 with forced air.
  • Less dust particulate movement – reducing reactions such as asthma, allergies, mucous membrane infection, etc.
  • Comfortable humidity levels because there is little movemnet to create condensation, which removes moisture from the air. There is lower loss of heat with pressurised air passing through window gaps and leaky walls.
  • Reduces costs because zero maintenance is required. This is because radiant heating panels have no moving parts.
  • No drafts,  which are created by air moving from high to low pressure areas.

Why Electric Radiant Heat over Gas Heat?

The Comfortline range distributes heat downwards, covering between 6m2 and 15m2, depending on the mounted height.

The mushroom-type gas heater offers coverage between 2m2 and 6m2 with extreme heat near the unit and cold a short distance away.

A single high capacity Comfortline panel costs about 60c/hour* to run, while a typical mushroom heater on bottled gas can cost up to five times at $3.00/hr**

*Assumes Comfortline Excel CL24 with electricity of 25c/kW
**Assumes $25 refill for 9kg LPG bottle

Solutions for Difficult to Heat Areas

Comfortline heating panels are the ideal heating solution for spaces that are difficult to heat in both indoor and outdoor applications. This modern form of electric heating emits a gentle, lasting radiant heat that offers up to 10% more useable energy than similar panels whilst saving money.

Indoor and outdoor environments include: yoga studios, offices, factories, warehouses, workshops, garages, schools, churches, colleges, cafes, restaurants, nursing homes, hostels, community halls, shops, homes etc.

Outdoor Heating


Comfortable, cost-effective heat can be a challenge outdoors. Radiant heating panels are the obvious solution. They create opulent environments for all outdoor venues, even during cold winter months.

The Comfortline heat strip panesl emit up to 10% more useable heat than other similar panels. The additional heat output is a result of our unique “silicating Treatment” on the heating surfaces.

Simply put, the surfaces are roughened, which increases their surface area and thus their capacity to radiate heat. The high level of insulation increases effeciency.

There is no comparison when it comes to the advantages of Comfortline panels over high intenisty gas “mushroom” style heaters for outdoor comfort. Our Comfortline heating panels are:

  • More economical to purchase
  • Up to 5 times as effecient to operate
  • Absolutely silent
  • Odourless and non-polluting
  • Ceiling, surface and recessed mounted.

Indoor Heating

With many interior spaces, such as warehouses or places unusual architectural configurations and vaulted ceilings, the ability to sensibly position heat is paramount.

Can you imagine the energy savings you might acheive by reducing the building thermostat 5 degreees and providing comfortable heating panels for stationary staff or patrons?

If you have a space that is heated inadequately, Comfortline Panels are the simplest solution. Installation is easily accomplished without tearing up walls and floors. They can be installes in virtually any ceiling height ranging from 2.4m to 8m plus.



The Comfortline Excel panels reflect over two decades of manufacturing and design expertise. The high level of heat emission is a result of the unique ‘silicating’ treatment on the heating element’s surface. This increases the actual surface area, ensuring the highest possible level of heat emission from the surface of each panel. The panels are packed with ceramic insulation that reduces the heat losses upwards, making them extremely efficient to run. We back this excellence with 5 years’ warranty!

With a Comfortline overhead heating solution to suit every application, there is no space you cannot heat! From small pokey areas to large offices and hot yoga studios, there is a heater suitable for all. All of our Comfortline heaters are low maintenance, cost effective to run and non-intrusive – if it weren’t for the comforting heat you would hardly know they are there!

  • New 5-year warranty
  • Upgraded modern design with slanted panel edges
  • Higher resistance against corrosion: The new model has two anti-corrosive coatings that are applied to metal sheet parts made from AluZinc. Connecting material is also made from the same material and thus electrochemical reactions and the corrosion of parts is not likely to take place
  • Simplified Installation – the new model has been lengthened by 50mm, simplifying the connection to the supply conductors. This provides more space for the terminal and makes the connection of the product to the supply conductors much easier. The terminal is also now accessible from two sides allowing easier installation.
  • Extension of the non-heating part of the heating rod by 50mm. This allows it to extend as far as the terminal, thus eliminating the need to pass the conductors from the heating rod into the space containing the terminal.

Terrace Heater

The Comfortline Terrace heater is our newest edition. With a sleek black surface, these heaters are designed for the zonal heating of winter gardens, enclosed and/or roofed balconies and terraces. Each heater is equipped with tilt-able mounting brackets for wall mounting at an angle, with additional brackets allow grouping multiple heaters for a broader coverage.

The minimum height at which the panels can be installed is 1.8m above the floor (the lower edge of the panel), making them the perfect solution for smaller areas. Like the excel, they are cost effective to run, low maintenance and ideal for indoor or outdoor spaces. We also back this with 5 years’ warranty!


The Comfortline Slimline panels are designed to be either surface mounted or recessed. They are perfect for smaller spaces such as bathrooms, living areas, offices and bedrooms where you want to achieve direct zonal heating. They can even be installed directly over a bath, pools or wet areas as our 750w model comes in two different IP ratings: 44 and 65.

The superior level of heat emission is due to the unique surface treatment on both the inner and outer heating surfaces. The treatment on the inner side is called ‘Thermoquartz’ – this material assures the highest absorption of heat from the heating foil. The outer layer is called ‘Gravely Snow’ which ensures the highest efficiency of emission. We back this heater with 2 years’ warranty!

Mirror Foils

The Comfortline Mirror Heating Foils (also known as ‘demister’) is the ideal solution to eliminate foggy and steamy mirrors. No more wiping or streaks being left on your mirror! These are quick and easy to install and can fit most sized mirrors. They are low maintenance, have low running costs and can be operated via a light switch.

Celling Foils

The Comfortline Celling Heating foils are perfect for any new construction or existing homes where access to the space above the ceiling is available. This system can be thermostatically controlled and can easily replace or supplement existing heat sources. It provides “surround” radiant heat that feels wonderful in every room.

Consisting of a thin carbon film heating element sandwiched between two layers of high temperature plastic laminate, these foils are positioned to lie directly on top of a plasterboard ceiling, beneath the bulk ceiling insulation. The insulation minimises upward heat losses and directs the heat downward into the room below. These are low maintenance and have low running costs. We back these heating foils with 2 years’ warranty!