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Slimline panels are an efficient and effective radiant heating panel designed for ceiling mounting. The panels can be used in many applications. With a high IP rating, CL750IN is suitable for outdoor applications. Slimline panels owe their superior heat emission to inner and outer surface treatments. The treatment on the inner side is called ‘thermoquartz’. This material assures the highest absorption of heat. On the outer side is a layer of ‘thermocrystal’, which ensures the highest efficiency emission.

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For indoor use only

Stock Code Output* Dimensions IP Rating
C1B010 350 W L 592 x W 592 x H 35 mm 44
C1B030 750 W L 1,192 x W 592 x H 35 mm 44
C1B032 750 W L 1,192 x W 592 x H 35 mm 65