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X Boiler

Range of Modern European-Made
Condensing Gas Boilers

Features & Benefits

Devex Systems’ X boilers is a range of condensing gas boilers that offer many benefits to homeowners.

1. Compact size

Modern boilers are smaller than their previous counterparts.  There are more options for mounting them on walls rather than resting them on the floor.  With its compact size (785x400x334 mm), the X boiler easily fits behind a kitchen cupboard and frees up valuable space for homeowners.

2. Easy to use

Modern control panel makes the X boiler very simple to use.  The X Boiler makes it also very easy to integrate your hydronic heating system with your domestic hot water (DHW) system thanks to its built-in 3-way valve, saving you from having several heat sources.

3. Efficient & Durable

Energy efficient boilers waste less gas and save you money. Thanks to the wide modulation range, short-cycling is minimised during the operation, increasing the lifespan of the X boiler.

4. Eco Friendly

Top of the range efficiencies with low NOx emissions makes the X boiler environmentally friendly.

5. Quiet

Due to improved design the X boilers are significantly quieter than most household boilers. This can make a definite difference when a boiler is near living quarters such as bedrooms.

6. For Australians

The X boiler features innovative heating technologies that are energy efficient and cater to the specific needs of Australians.


  • Stainless steel heat exchanger with spacious coil ensures constant water flow over a long cycle and reduces debris accumulation
  • High efficiency modulating pump with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).
  • High modulation range 12% – 100%.
  • 92% seasonal efficiency and a power output of 20kW or 35kW.
  • High efficiency circulation pump with automatic airvent.
  • Electronically controlled modulating fan.
  • Hydraulic group assembled on quick connections.
  • Better integration with DHW system than standard combi boiler.
  • European Energy Class A.
  • Works with domestic hot water cylinders by built-in three-way valve.


The installation of a water-based system is complex due to the intricate design of the system. It is important to seek out a licensed professional for the installation.

In hydronic floor heating systems, water is warmed up to 50 degrees Celsius and circulates at a safe, low pressure through a network of pipes, valves, manifolds and switches. All of these components work together to heat the zoned areas:

This is a closed system, which means that the water that is introduced the day the system is commissioned is most likely to be the same for the rest of the life of the hydronic system. For this reason, it is crucial to select the best quality manifolds, pipes, boilers and anything that will be in contact with the water, because any impurity will worsen over time.



Discrete and Powerful Addition to Home Heating

The X boiler can be used as a heat source for your hydronic floor heating system as well as power your DHW system.  You will only need one boiler for both functions.

The X boiler offers a three way valve for integration with a domestic hot water tank.

The boiler needs to be connected to the gas and water supplies. Both the hydronic system and as the DHW tank will also need to be connected.

As soon as there is demand for hot water (i.e. laundry) the valve directs the flow into the DHW tank while cutting the flow to the heating system (the user won’t feel the difference, thanks to the thermal mass of the slab).