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Danfoss FHF Manifold Accessories

Continuous brass manifolds used for controlling water flow in Hydronic floor heating systems. The supply side manifold comes with or without flowmeters. The return side manifold is equipped with integrated Danfoss pre- setting  valves  for  easy  balancing.

A range of high quality accessories for FHF Manifolds including:

  • RA TWA NC/220V Actuator
  • End Piece with Automatic Airvent
  • End Piece with Manual Airvent
  • End Caps (2 pcs)
  • Connection Pieces (2pcs)
  • Reducing Bushes (2pcs)
  • Mounting Brackets (2pcs)
  • Ball Valve Set (2pcs)
  • Manifold Frame

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Stock Code Description
D088H3112 RA TWA NC/220V Actuator
D088U0580 End Piece with Automatic Airvent
D088U0581 End Piece with Manual Airvent
D088U0582 End Caps (2 pcs)
D088U0583 Connection Pieces (2 pcs)
D088U0584 Reducing Bushes (2 pcs)
D088U0585 Mounting Brackets (2 pcs)
D088U0586 Ball Valve Set (2 pcs)

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