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Diffusion Plates (Insulation)

The Diffusion Plate System accommodates 16mm heating pipes and uses 0.8mm thick aluminium plates to diffuse the heat over the floor area. The heat is then transferred through the floor surface into the room. Due to the high conductivity of the  plates  the reaction  time  compared  to  traditional  screed  systems  is  reduced.

This system has been designed for timber joist floors or battened timber floors over concrete slab applications with hydronic floor heating systems. Insulation is required under a suspended timber floor application and is recommended when installed over a concrete floor.

Size: 1.0m x 0.338m in 0.8 thick Aluminium with 200mm 2-channel pipe spacing. Conductivity 160W/mK.

Maximum thickness of wood surface over the diffusion plate: 20 mm.

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VRE249075-002 Double Heat Diffusion Plate (1000 x 390mm) 200mm centre
VRE249085-001 Double Heat Diffusion Plate (500 x 390mm) 200mm centre