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ThermoControl Plus

A state-of-the-art control always one step ahead

The ThermoControl Plus is an intelligent control system that allows the tube heaters to adapt to the particular application they have been installed in. This control is the brains behind the energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of the Schwank tube heaters. It is able to fulfil various requirements and demands and takes into consideration most importantly, operating comfort.

The ThermoControl Plus in combination with a Building Management System (BMS) sets the standard for future automatic control engineering in industrial buildings. It has practice-orientated service modules and a self-explanatory menu navigation that facilitate the daily handling of the heating system as well as the communication modules for remote service and Building Management System.  It can also be easily retrofitted with existing Schwank heating systems.

  • Features
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  • Stock Code
  • Compatible with single-stage, two-stage and fully modulating heating systems
  • Automatically determines the optimum pre-heating time - CostControl
  • Remote control/remote service as an option
  • Integration into the company's intranet or fire alarm system possible
  • Capable of being integrated into Building Management Systems
  • Economic, efficient and ecology-minded
  • Simple operation
  • Self-explanatory menu navigation
  • Quick access to all important setting parameters
  • Stores all heating characteristics and logs
  • Manual heating time extension possible
  • Can be retrofitted to all Schwank systems

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Stock Code Description
S40656270 TC Plus M1 - 1 Heating zone 2-stage /modulating or 2 heating zones 1-stage
S40656280 TC Plus M2 - 2 Heating zone 2-stage /modulating or 4 heating zones 1-stage
S40656290 TC Plus M4 - 4 Heating zone 2-stage /modulating or 8 heating zones 1-stage
S40652070 Room Temperature Sensor RTF [TC Plus]
S40652080 Outside temperature sensor ATF [TC Plus]
S40652120 Commucation module CM 232
S60107030 Flue Tee with cap
S99996666 Modulating burner supplement
S99997777 2-stage burner supplement