infraSchwank Tube Heater

The infraSchwank’s unique patented ceramic burner technology and specialised design of  tubes and reflectors sets the standard in the realm of tube heaters and energy efficiency. Noticeable energy savings are easily achieved without compromising the quality or amount of heat felt.

*Radiant factor of an infraSchwank 30 measured by DVGW laboratory according to DIN EN 416-2

  • Features
  • Related Material
  • Stock Code
  • Radiant factor of 59,3%*
  • Optional 2-stage or fully modulating control
  • Long laminar flame
  • Pressure burner system
  • Whisper-Jet for stand-alone systems
  • Very low noise level – almost pure silence!
  • "Made in Germany" – high quality,  European parts
  • Straight forward and easy assembly
  • Available as L- or U-version

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Stock CodeDescriptionShapeOutput
S02672150InfraSchwank D 15 UU-Shape15 kW
S02672000InfraSchwank D 20 UU-Shape20 kW
S02672050InfraSchwank D 30 UU-Shape30 kW
S02672100InfraSchwank D 40 UU-Shape40 kW
S02673000InfraSchwank D 50 UU-Shape50 kW
S02674500InfraSchwank D 60 UU-Shape60 kW
S02672650InfraSchwank D 15 LStraight15 kW
S02672500InfraSchwank D 20 LStraight20 kW
S02672550InfraSchwank D 30 LStraight30 kW
S02672800InfraSchwank D 40 LStraight40 kW
S02672700InfraSchwank D 50 LStraight50 kW
S02674600InfraSchwank D 60 LStraight60 kW