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calorSchwank Tube Heater

The calorSchwank is the premium  model  among  Schwank  tube  heaters. The calorSchwank is incredibly energy efficient consuming up to 20% less energy than that of the infraSchwank.  This premium model tube heater achieves this level of efficiency thanks to its innovative burner technology and high quality ceramic reflector insulation.   A combination of other advanced materials also enhances the radiant characteristics of the tubes and reflection properties of the reflector.

These heaters also ensure lower energy costs because of their insulated interior which minimises the amount of convection heat and increases the radiant factor and improving the efficiency as heat that accumulates below the ceiling is considered a waste of energy.

* radiant factor of a calorSchwank 30 measured by DVGW laboratory according to DIN EN 416-2

  • Features
  • Related Material
  • Stock Code
  • Radiant factor of up to 70.2%* and therefore excellent efficiency
  • Optional 2-stage or fully modulating control
  • Ceramic insulation / minimisation of the convection heat share
  • Long laminar flame
  • Pressure burner system Whisper-Jet
  • As quiet as a whisper
  • Quick and easy installation
  • "Made in Germany" – high quality,  European parts
  • Available as L- or U-version

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Stock Code Description Shape Output
S02674000 calorSchwank D 15 U U-Shape 15 kW
S02674010 calorSchwank D 20 U U-Shape 20 kW
S02674020 calorSchwank D 30 U U-Shape 30 kW
S02674030 calorSchwank D 40 U U-Shape 40 kW
S02674040 calorSchwank D 50 U U-Shape 50 kW
S02674650 calorSchwank D 60 U U-Shape 60 kW
S02674150 calorSchwank D 15 L Straight 15 kW
S02674160 calorSchwank D 20 L Straight 20 kW
S02674170 calorSchwank D 30 L Straight 30 kW
S02672830 calorSchwank D 40 L Straight 40 kW
S02674190 calorSchwank D 50 L Straight 50 kW
S02674680 calorSchwank D 60 L Straight 60 kW