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X thermostat™ TS-600


The TS 600 is an intuitive fully programmable semi-recessed thermostat. This semi-recessed, floor/ceiling and room sensing unit features a touch-screen interface and can be controlled from a smartphone using the Devex System app.

  • Programmable semi-recessed thermostat for controlling heating systems.
  • Customisable 7-day timer programmable down to the minute.
  • Floor or room sensing (or both)
  • ON / OFF Main switch (on screen)
  • Relay 16A
  • Mounted horizontally
  • Wifi
  • Description


Technical Characteristics

Sensing Type Air / Floor / Air-Floor
Mounting Semi-recessed
Measuring accuracy 0.1°C
Operating temperature 0ºC – 50°C
Setting temperature range 5ºC – 35°C
Electrical protection Class II – IP21
Main switch Two poles 16A
Power supply 230Vac +/- 10% 50Hz
Output Relay 16A 250Vac resistive load
Type of external sensor NTC – 15 kOhms at 25°C