Devex X mat

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  • Xmat™ MG-150

    Thin Heating Mats (c/w Single Cold Tail)

    Devex Systems’ Xmat™ MG-150 electric floor heating mat is only 3.5mm thick and uses a twin conducting heating cable for ease of installation, with very low EMF. It can be easily installed directly over concrete, fibre cement sheet or F-board insulation and into thin adhe- sive beds or floor levelling compounds. This means there is minimal increase in the floor height. The system is best utilised on a “time of use” tariff as it is quick to come to the desired temperature. The X mat is 500mm wide and come with a single 3m cold tail. The cables comply with IEC60800:2009.


    We recommend the use of F-Board Insulation with electric floor heat- ing to improve warm up times and reduce running costs.

    • 20 year warranty
    • Output power based on 230 volts
    • Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to +80°C
    • Minimum Temperature during Installation: -5°C
    • Self adhesive mesh sticks to any clean substrate