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We offer a number of radiator systems to suit your environment and heating needs. Radiator heating panels can be used in conjunction with Hydronic Floor Heating as well as the Solamander Hydronic Energy Hub system.

Radiator panels are silent, clean and fast acting.  They are approximately 70% convection and 30% radiant heating (floor heating is about 40% convection and 80% radiant heating).

Radiators are ideal for bedrooms and/or in the instance that light weight timber floor structures prevent hydronic floor heating.

Radiators offer a soft, gentle heat and are very economical to run. They are very responsive and warm the surrounding environment quickly and efficiently with the support of the convector fins which are welded directly to the waterways of the radiator.

Programmable wall thermostats like the Devireg Touch and Danfoss thermostatic sensors like the RA 2000 can be used to manage the room temperature to ensure the optimum efficiency of your systems without the circulation of dust and allergens.

We offer a number of radiators from a number of reputable manufacturers including De Longhi, Henrad and Jaga.