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Comfortline Mirror Heater Foils

Comfortline mirror heater foils are simple and fast to install.  The film has anadhesive layer (with release backing) that easily sticks to the rear of the mirror. IP Rating 44

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Comfortline Mirror Foil eliminate the age old problem  of foggy, steamy mirrors. No more wiping, no more  streaks. They are quick and easy to install, with a self  adhesive backing can be connected via the power/ nlight/fan switch.

Running costs are low – comparable to a light globe.  Available in three handy sizes, they can be adjusted to suite various shapes.

Comfortline Mirror Foil are maintenance free, they are manufactured using safe, rugged double insulated heating cable.

Can be wired to a RCD protected power point with added switch or RCD protected light circuit with or without extra switch.

Used to prevent mirrors from fogging up in bathrooms, shower rooms or change rooms

Homes, schools, hostels, hospitals, hotels, motels, resorts, day spas, gyms and more

•Prevents mirror fogging
•Operates at low temperatures and prevents overheating or damage to the mirror
•Installation is simple and fast. The film has an adhesive layer (with release backing) that easily sticks to
the rear of a mirror
•The mirror heater can be wired into the electric circuit of a lighting fixture so that it is activated whenever the
light is switched on
•Considering its low input, operating cost is negligible
•The heating film requires no maintenance

Stock Code Output* Dimensions
C1H010 13 W 0.252 x 0.274 m
C1H020 26 W 0.274 x 0.574 m
C1H030 52 W 0.519 x 0.524 m
C1H040 104 W 0.524 x 1.004 m

Voltage: 240V   Output: 200W/m2   Warranty: 2 years

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