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“I am seeing the demand for floor heating increase on a year to year basis. Home owners are looking for modern, affordable heating and these systems are a great option for new builds or renovations. We have used FHA because they have very high safety standards, complying with all Australian safe work practices, and provide outstanding service when it comes to being responsive, organised, and reliable. They are extremely comprehensive when it comes to measure ups and quoting and their service team does a great job at coordinating all aspects of the install for us.”

Andrew Milton
Builder, APM Design and Construction


“As a builder, if the home owner is looking to put either electric or hydronic floor heating in their home, we always turn to Floor Heat Australia. Their products are European-made and reliable. The installation team always shows up with a comprehensive safety package and their vans are stocked with personal protective equipment which is important to us as safety is a priority on our sites. On the most recent job they completed for us, in Dover Heights, it was extremely important that they had the job done on time and according to the set schedule in order for the other elements of the project to fall into place accordingly. Floor Heat Australia had no problem completing the Hydronic floor heating installation (under a polished concrete floor) ahead of schedule. The installation was neat and tidy and the guys are always friendly and very efficient. I also like the idea that floor heating is based on the principle of ‘radiant’ heat, so it is much more efficient than traditional heating.”

Andrew Page
Building Foreman, Shane Green Building


“I have worked with Devex Systems/Floor Heat Australia on a number of jobs, most recently at Palm Beach and Mosman. I continue to use them regularly because I’m provided with quality service and quality products. The service and installation team are organised, reliable and always get the job done in a timely, professional and efficient manner. The installation team allocate a team member to be on site at every concrete pour just in case there are any dramas. I find this to be of great reassurance particularly when the finish is critical, like polished concrete.”

Daniel Welsh
Building Foreman, FS Hough Pty Ltd


“We had an electric floor heating system installed in our bathroom and couldn’t be happier with the end result. It is very easy to control the system with our easy-to-use thermostat. We have had a number of house guests comment on how luxurious our bathroom has become now that we have heated floors – we are even considering putting floor heating in other rooms of our home.”

Andrew & Simone Dyer
Home Owner


“The electric floor heating was installed in our bathrooms years ago and it has since been everyone’s favourite room in the house because the warm floors make it such a cozy and enjoyable environment. We were ecstatic to find out that the warranty period on our system was 10 years! If a manufacturer can back their product with such a long warranty period, I know it must be high quality and reliable. Working with the staff at Floor Heat Australia (Devex Systems) was a real pleasure – from the customer service staff who took my first phone call to the service team who came out to look at our system, everyone was very pleasant and helpful.”

S Ullman
Home Owner


“We are renovating our house on the South Coast of NSW and decided that underfloor heating for our en suite and bathroom was a “must”. After hours of research, we finally settled on Devex and the flex cable system. It was a straightforward job for my DIY husband to lay the cable (with a qualified electrician connecting up the system). The instructions were clear and the staff at Devex had all of the answers when he rang for extra advice. Even the tiler was impressed with the simplicity of the system. We were so happy with the customer service and the quality of products from Devex, when it came to heating the rest of the house, we naturally turned once again to the team at Devex Systems to see what other products were available. In the end, we settled for three of the CL-24 and one of the CL-12 Comfortline ceiling mounted heaters. Renovating is always a challenge, but heating our new home has been made so much easier by the range of heating products and the helpful, knowledgeable staff at Devex. Even the warehouse guys are proud of what they sell. This is one part of the renovation journey that has gone problem free!”

Rayma & Greg Bathurst
Home Owner, Jervis Bay


“I used Floor Heat Australia to supply and install underfloor heating for the main living area/kitchen in my house and 2 bathrooms (including shower). Initially, it was deemed as a luxury purchase and many people told me I was being extravagant. However, after checking the true prices I found it to be very reasonable. The installers arrived on time, they made it very easy and my builders were impressed with their workmanship. 5 years on I still say it’s one of the BEST things I ever did with the house renovation! I no longer dread winter. The house is in a constant state of ‘comfort’. It doesn’t feel hot, or cold. Just always comfortable. It’s also not as expensive to run as people think, we program it onto off-peak settings and because the concrete slab holds the heat well the warmth lasts for hours. The new thermostats are as easy to use as an iPhone and have many new settings on them. All in all, we love it and would recommend Floor Heat Australia to anyone looking for a modern heating solution.”

Naomi Marshall
Home Owner, Balmain


“I have been working with Floor Heat Australia now for 8 years. Over this time we have done numerous high end homes together and my experience with this company has been the same each and every time – a fast and accurate quote which includes easy to understand inclusions and areas. For builders, getting the quote can sometimes be just as difficult as finding the right contractor. The thing that stands out the most about FHA is their follow up service. Double checking installation dates, their installation crews showing up when they say they will and just generally going that extra mile in service. Our industry is full of companies that have no idea what service is. It is refreshing to know that there are people out there like those that work at FHA that remember what good old fashion service is all about. Thanks for your work over the years and keep up the good work.”

Scott Baxter
Urban Green Studios


“These days we are receiving more and more requests for in floor heating in projects. We at Macmil have been installing Devex supplied floor heating for close to ten years now. Installations for us began with clients looking for ways to heat large areas which were either tiled or were polished concrete finish. Traditionally tiled areas were regarded as cold areas, but with the introduction of In Slab heating elements this has all changed. Recently we have completed the Stonecutters Apartments at Pyrmont. A project which consisted of 20 stories and 114 apartments.”

Peter Lawrence
Project Manager


The Comfortline overhead heating is a high quality and very reliable product. Most recently I have installed this product in a school that was so pleased with them they are now looking to use this product in buildings across ALL of their campuses. Other heaters I have tried in the past have disfigured and warped, but I’ve never had any complaints or repair requests on Comfortline panels. They were quite easy to install and very effective at warming the area without overheating it. I’d without a doubt recommend this product to new customers that are looking to source high efficiency, modern heating.”

Shane Allie
Shane Allie Electrical


“So far the heaters have been great! The panels have been very reliable. With some time having passed since the project’s conception, they still look great and are working well!”

Leyton Smith
Innersphere (Interior Design Studio)
Central Coast Leagues Club


“We are really happy with your floor heating products and your staff’s assistance with our projects. It is always great to work with professional people!”

Peter Leslie
Project Manager


“We are very happy with the installation of the Comfortline Overhead Heating Panels in our Senior Campus redevelopment, the soft heat has been welcomed by staff and students during the recent cold weather we have experienced.”

Brian Jones
Campus Manger
St Michael’s Collegiate School


“When building a new extension to our cake and coffee shop in Oakleigh, the need for an unobtrusive and efficient heat source was required to create a comfortable environment for our customers in the alfresco areas. We installed a number of CL36 overhead panels. We are very happy with the end result. Our customers tell us they are amazed at how comfortable they are when they visit us. The running costs are great and we are constantly

Project References HVAC Hydronic Systems recommending Comfortlines to builders and trades people when they visit our premises.”

Nick Poupouzas
Oakleigh Quality Cakes Pty Ltd.


“In a school environment, the Slimline panels are the superior choice. The heating panels are camouflaged within an acoustic overhead arrangement maintaining a clean look.”

Daniel Smith
Architectural Director
Thomson Adsett