Coogee Pavilion

Electric Overhead Heating

The Facility

The Coogee Pavilion located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburb was launched by Merivale in winter 2014. With a relaxed beachy setting and a wide range of casual dining dished, The Coogee Pavilion is already considered an iconic landmark in Sydney overlooking the famous Coogee Beach.

The internal structures of this restaurant expose a raw and industrial character decorated with crafts from local artists and a whale theme honouring the history of the whale migration that passes through the waters of this area.

The Issue

Due to the location of the Coogee Pavilion on the water, the main concern was that the venue would be susceptible to southerly winds particularly in the afternoon. Devex Systems worked directly with Justin Hemmes, CEO of Merivale to ensure their customers would receive optimal natural comfort from these energy efficient heating panels. A single high capacity Comfortline panel costs about 60c/hour # to run whereas a typical mushroom heater on bottled gas will cost five times that – up to $3.00/hour^ – these panels offered a cost-effective and energy efficient solution to other heating methods.

# assumes Comfortline Excel 24 with electricity of 25c/kWhr. ^ Assumes $25 refill for 9kg LPG bottle.


Comfortline Excel Overhead Heating Panels were installed throughout the Coogee Pavilion Hotel to offer efficient heating throughout the venue. There were 36 panels installed in total, 24 X Comfortline 36s and 12 X Comfortline 12s.

High Performing Overhead Electric Heating for Hard-to-Heat Areas

The European-made Comfortline Excel is an upgraded model of the Comfortline Original series setting an even further refined standard for the quality and workmanship behind these high temperature overhead heating panels. These panels reflect over two decades of manufacturing and design expertise and experience.

Energy Saving & Comfort

Comfortline Excel panels emit up to 10% more usable heat than similar panels on the market thanks to their unique surface treatment. These panels have a high level of heat emission thanks to their unique “silicating” treatment on the heating surface which increases the actual surface area, ensuring the highest possible level of heat emission from the surface of each panel.

These panels are also packed with high quality wool insulation that reduce heat loss upwards and make them extremely efficient to run. The Excel model has two anticorrosive coatings that are applied to metal sheet parts made from AluZinc. Connecting materials is also made from the same material and thus electrochemical reactions and the corrosion of parts is less likely to take place. The panels are a modern design with off-white powder coated steel case.

Precision Comfort & Economy

Comfortline panels are offered with one, two or three panels. The higher output models with multiple elements can run independent of each other giving greater control over the radiant heat output.

Installation & Mounting

Installation is easy in new or existing buildings. You can mount the panel directly overhead (brackets supplied), suspend or recess them.

Comfortline is perfect for overhead spaces as low as 2.4m, right up to 8m.

WARRANTY: 5 years  – Comfortline Excel & 2 years – Comfortline Original (see product catalogue for more details)


The Comfortline Excel panels are a cost-effective and efficient heating solution for hard-to-heat areas that yielded excellent results keeping both staff and customers warm and comfortable while they enjoy their dining experience. These panels were designed based on the science of radiant heating to ensure that people and objets are heated as opposed to the air. This ensured a natural and gentle warmth for the Coogee Pavilion patrons as opposed to a dry heat from forced air or localised spot heat from a mushroom heater.