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Overhead radiant heating panels offer a gentle heat from above….

This modern form of comfort heating has  elements that  can  heat  to a range of temperatures allowing flexibility in the amount of gentle warmth  that  radiates downwards. Radiant heat  energy has  a similar effect  to the heat  given off by the sun  on a cold winter day. Comfortline  panels create a desirable climate  for outdoor patio  and entertainment areas.  Unlike some high intensity  mushroom heaters that  can  direct  intense and  concentrated heat  in one direction leading to extreme overheating, Comfortline  panels radiate a natural  and gentle  warmth  that  can  be enjoyed for hours  on end. Comfortline  panels have  a unique  surface treatment  that  effectively maximises their radiant efficiency.

APPLICATIONS: Indoor and  outdoor environments including offices,  factories, warehouses, workshops, garages, schools, churches, colleges, cafes, restaurants, nursing homes, hostels, community halls, shops, and  homes.



Comfortline panels emit up to 10% more  usable heat than similar panels on the market  thanks to their unique surface treatment. They are packed with rock wool insulation to minimise upward  heat  loss. The radiant surface is designed in sections of naturally anodised aluminium,  set  in a galvanised steel  case for strength. The panels are plastic powder-coated in white, giving them  a sleek  and  attractive modern appeal. Other colours are available  by special order.

PRECISION COMFORT AND ECONOMY: Comfortline  panels are offered  with one, two or three  panels. The higher output models with multiple elements can run independent of each other giving greater control  over the radiant heat  output.

IMPRESSIVE LOW RUNNING COSTS:  A single high capacity Comfortline  panel  costs about 60c/hour # to run. A typical mushroom heater on bottled gas  will cost five times that  — up to $3.00/hour^.

INSTALLATION  & MOUNTING: Installation is easy  in new or existing  buildings. You can  mount  the panel  directly overhead (brackets supplied), or suspend them.  Comfortline is perfect for overhead spaces as low as 2.4m,  right up to

WARRANTY: 5 years  – Comfortline  Excel & 2 years  – Comfortline  Original (see product catalogue)

# Assumes Comfortline  Excel 24 with electricity  at 25c/kWhr
^ Assumes $25 refill for 9kg LPG bottle

Principle of infrared heating

Radiant heating panels transfer heat  mainly through radiant energy, whereas in convection heating the air is warmed
by a convector which then  transfers heat  as it flows over the objects that  are to be heated (walls, furniture). Upon encountering objects (walls, furniture,  floors), radiant engergy is partially reflected (approx. 15%), the majority (approx. 85%) is absorbed by the objects. This radiant energy is converted to heating energy as it raises the temperature of the objects, which then  transfer heat  to the cooler  air by convection. Thanks  to unique  technology Silicating,  high temperature radiant panels reach high emissivity  up to 0,98 mu.

Comfortline Excel – Excellence in Overhead Heating! 

Upgraded anticorrosive technology, Enhanced design, Improved  Quality

The European-made Comfortline Excel is a new and  improved version of Comfortline  Original series setting an even  further refined  standard for the quality and  workmanship behind these high temperature overhead heating panels. Comfortline  Excel model  takes into account the results of overseas analysis and  recommendations from sources such as the Thales  laboratory in Australia.  This new series of panels is tried, tested and  true reflecting  over two decades of manufacturing and  design expertise and  experience.

A few improvements:

  • New 5 year warranty!
  • Higher resistance against corrosion than  with some past models: the new model  has  two anticorrosive coatings that  are applied to metal  sheet parts made from AluZinc. Connecting material  is also made from the same material  and  thus  elec- trochemical reactions and  the corrosion of parts is not likely to take  place.
  • Upgraded modern design with slanted panel  edges
  • Simplified Installation: the new model  has  been lengthened by 50 mm simplifying  the connection to the supply conductors. This provides more  space for the terminal  and  makes the connection of the product to the supply conductors much easier. The terminal  is also now accessible from two sides after lifting the lid allowing for greater ease of installation.
  • Extension of the non-heating part of the heating rod by 50mm allows it to extend as far as the terminal,  thus eliminating the need to pass the conductors from the heating rod into the space containing the terminal.