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TS500 and TS600 Touch-Screen Digital Thermostats from Devex Systems: User Features and Benefits




1) What are digital programmable Thermostats?


A high-quality programmable thermostat will allow for greater control over temperature, zoning and timing using an app on your mobile device to make it easy for you to make the most out of your heating system.

Devex Systems has developed the TS500 and TS600 programmable X thermostat range, which give users more control over their underfloor heating systems with the option of a touchscreen or WIFI control from a smartphone. These thermostats are sleek, modern designs, with the latest technology that are available in black or white, and they can be installed vertically or horizontally thanks to their rotating screen. They can be used with both residential and commercial heating systems and can be programmed according to the heating needs of each building.

The TS500 and TS600 thermostats are compatible with hydronic and electric floor heating systems, and they can also control overhead heating and radiator panels. They can be programmed with different heating schedules for each day of the week, and each schedule can use a different temperature setting. By ensuring that the heating system only operates when needed, and having an energy monitoring function that displays consumption by day, week, month or year.

Both underfloor heating thermostats have a user-friendly interface that was designed for the Australian market, they are manufactured in Europe, and they come with a 5-year warranty. The TS600 also offers WiFi connectivity and can be controlled from a smartphone by installing the Devex Systems app.

How do the T500 and T600 Thermostats work? 


Before using a TS500 or TS600 thermostat from Devex Systems, the first step is configuring the device according to your heating requirements. This can be easily done on the touch screen using the setup wizard, which will ask several questions about the heating system and its installation details, along with the date and time.

  • You can choose between electric and hydronic floor heating, among other options, and this determines how the heating is controlled.
  • For example, hydronic underfloor heating systems have a slower response than their electrical counterparts, and this changes the control sequence.

Both thermostat models include an NTC thermistor sensor with a 3m cable, which can be used to measure either the floor temperature or the air temperature. The digital thermostats also have an internal sensor, but there may be cases in which the thermostat location is not suitable to display a temperature that is representative of the heated space. In these cases, the NTC sensor can be used to measure temperature at an adequate point.

Underfloor heating systems are controlled based on the temperature measured, and there are four modes of operation:

  • Floor temperature control, the standard operating mode for underfloor heating
  • Air temperature control with the built-in sensor
  • Air temperature control with a temperature probe
  • Air/floor, where the air temperature is controlled and floor temperature is kept below a maximum value


How to use the programmable underfloor heating Thermostats? 


The TS500 and TS600 will display two different temperatures on-screen. The desired temperature, which is established by the user, is displayed at the bottom of the screen. The actual temperature, which is measured by the internal sensor or the NTC probe, is displayed at the center of the screen in larger numbers.

The touch-screen will also display an ON/OFF button, and menu buttons to change the heating schedules and thermostat settings. There is a heating icon that animates when the control relay is on, and an error notification icon that appears when an issue is detected. The touch-screen can be disabled in 15-second intervals for cleaning, and it can also be locked with a password, which is very useful when there are children present.

Heating schedules can be used to save energy, and temperature setbacks can be established for additional savings. There is also a holiday mode that suspends all heating schedules temporarily, without deleting their configuration

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