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Solamander Hydronic Hub – Top 6 Reasons We Love it!

This integrated and innovative energy solution prioritises renewable energy sources for a variety of uses in your home.

#6 – The Solamander Hydronic Hub (aka the “Hub”) achieves an optimum and comfortable heating on demand.

#5 – The system uses renewable energy to heat up radiators, hydronic floor heating, domestic hot water and pools.

#4 – The prioritisation of renewable energy sources like solar power reduces the energy costs associated with domestic hot water.

#3 – The system was designed as an environmentally sound and sustainable solution that offsets household greenhouse gas emissions.

#2 – The “Hub” can prioritise renewable energy sources (solar panels/wetbacks) over non-renewable energy sources (gas boilers/heat pumps) to ensure minimal energy wastage.

#1 – The Hydronic Energy Hub reduce your carbon footprint and get you one step closer to a carbon neutral home!

This is a sustainable all-in-one system that’s simple in concept, yet sophisticated in performance.

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