Solamander Hydronic Energy Hub - Presentation & Demonstrations

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Solamander Hydronic Energy Hub – Presentation & Demonstrations

We offer technically rich and informative 45 minute presentations supported by animations of the Solamander system as well as an assessment of current projects that you would like to apply this system to:

Our presentation is designed to offer an overview of a recently launched, integrated energy management system that has been designed based on architectural feedback to bring sustainability and on-demand comfort heating together in one comprehensive system: The Solamander™ Hydronic Energy Hub. This system has been designed to prioritise renewable ENERGY SOURCES like solar energy etc. (over non-renewable energy sources) for a variety of different ENERGY USES including DHW, radiator heating, hydronic floor heating and pool/spa heating in domestic applications.

The aim of the presentation will be to provide a technical overview of this solution, followed by a review of the inefficiencies of current systems on the market. This presentation will also outline the key features and benefits of the hydronic energy hub and its controller, complete with unique algorithms for which there is currently a patent pending. The controller is the ‘smarts’ of the system which allows it to be easily customisable and highly intuitive for the end user.

This system is an integrated and innovative energy management system that offers an all-in-one solution that is simple in concept, yet sophisticated in performance.

For information on upcoming presentation dates or to schedule a system overview presentation delivered by our MD at your location, please call 1800 636 091 or email us at: [email protected]