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Choosing Smart Programmable Thermostats for the Right Application

Choosing Smart Programmable Thermostats for the Right Application

An efficient floor heating system calls for the right thermostat. One that will provide users with control over the heating in specific rooms throughout the home to meet all of their expectations.

Devex Systems offer a comprehensive range of thermostats catering to all kinds of applications. All thermostats have the same aim of providing temperature control, but generally, there are two types: programmable and non-programmable.

Non-Programmable vs. Smart Programmable Thermostats

Non-programmable thermostats are basic in features and functionality. The benefit of a non-programmable thermostat is its high energy efficiency on account of thermal mass. The more thermal mass utilised, the slower the response time of the system, along with how far the heating pipes and cables are away from the surface. In addition, non-programmable thermostats are cheaper and consume less electricity, proving to be the economical choice. Advanced functionalities are not always needed, especially if heaters are sufficient to meet the heating demands of a household. Non-programmable thermostats are highly recommended for Home Automation Systems and central heating system installations, utilising hydronic floor heating.

As expected, programmable thermostats feature innovative and intelligent modern technology. These devices are very quick to respond, enabling users to program the heating setup as suited to their lifestyle. This means that the system can automatically switch the heat on and off as per the set program. Programmable thermostats are highly recommended for installation throughout all room in the home. A benefit of having a programmable thermostat in your bathroom is that it allows the floor to be warm before you use the space and turns itself off, thus reducing your electricity usage and you never need to worry about leaving it on.

The TS 500 Programmable Thermostat by Devex Systems

The TS 500 is our most popular and in-demand underfloor heating thermostat. With an easy to use set up wizard, occupants can have peace of mind with this ‘set and forget’ system. The TS 500 thermostat has a sleek and modern appearance with a user friendly coloured touch screen. It offers a number of built-in energy saving features and is designed to save the customer money by reducing their energy consumption.

The TS 600 Programmable Thermostat by Devex Systems

The 600 is an electronic programmable timer thermostat by Devex Systems, specially designed to control electrical floor heating elements. The thermostat is built exclusively for fixed installation, upon which it can provide comfort heating to the floor and direct heating to the entire room.

Some of the sought-after features of the TS 600 include a touchscreen display with light for easy operation, like the TS 500. The product development team at Devex Systems equipped the TS 600 with easy-to-follow menu-driven set up instructions. Through an app, users can walk through an installation wizard with room/floor type-specific setup.  The intuitive app control communicates via a secure cloud connection such as what is used by banking applications.

The TS 500 and TS 600 Thermostats

Whilst both of these thermostats are programmable and similar to each other, there are some differences. The TS 600 has the ability to be programmed, updated and operated via a smart phone or tablet from anywhere. This thermostat is best suited to those who wish to have the controls for everything in the palm of their hands. It is suited to all homes from those with high-end finishes to holidays homes. Having the TS 600 in a holiday home gives you the ability to turn the heating on prior to your arrival, providing the thermostat has power and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The TS 500 is programmed and operated from the room that is being heated. The TS 500 has an initial set up wizard much like the TS 600 so little to no interaction is needed once set up. A great feature for the TS 500 is the easy conversion from programmable to manual use. If you decided to turn it on outside of a heating period, you can do so without losing any of your programming times and then switch it back to resume normal heating times. Both of these thermostats are equipped with energy-saving programs, open window detectors and are backed up by our 5-year warranty.

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