Schwank’s Heat Designer App

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Schwank’s Heat Designer App

If you’re involved in the energy management of industrial buildings, this FREE app is for you!

The Heat Designer App ensures you will always have a heating calculator at your fingertips!  It makes it easy for engineers and architects in the HVAC industry to calculate the heat loss values for retrofit and new construction.  It has the ability to compare the efficiencies of different heating systems for particular applications.

With just a few input parameters, you can calculate heat loss values for any application based on the current DIN V 18599:2011 standard. For retrofit applications, the calculations are based on EN 12831.

Special features include:

  • Comparison of 6 typical industrial heating systems for new constructions
  • Calculation of energy savings for retrofits
  • Estimated energy consumption values  based on  DIN V 18599
  • Availability of storing project data
  • Results can be sent by e-mail

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