Schwank Overhead Heating by Devex Systems

VIDEO: Gas Radiant Overhead Heating by Schwank The high efficiency Schwank Gas Radiant Overhead Tube Heater is an energy efficient, gas run overhead heating option designed for large commercial and industrial spaces. Schwank gas radiant heating systems can reduce energy consumption by more than 50% when compared to other traditional forms of heating like convection systems. Having invented the world’s first gas infrared heater, Schwank’s innovative ideas have been setting the pace in the heating industry for more than 75 [...]

With the rising cost of electricity bills, the choice is “smart” heating or NO heating.

Not all spaces require heating throughout the entire area. Unnecessarily heating an entire room or outdoor space when only a particular area or section requires heating is not only a waste of energy, but it only adds to the already hefty sum of money that people and businesses are forking out to keep up with the rising cost of electricity.

Devex Systems’ AB-QM Valve to be Featured at Engineers Australia Presentation this Sept 20th, 2012

Engineers Australia Presentation Featuring the AB-QM Pressure Independent Balancing & Control Valve: Continuously Optimising HVAC Systems Towards Greater Efficiency Presentation by John Balass, Managing Director and Owner of Devex Systems & Derek Foong, Danfoss Global Technical Support Manager. Please RSVP today: The meeting is open to all, and there is no attendance charge Download official event flyer

Frequently Asked Questions: Electric and Hydronic Floor Heating Systems by Devex Systems

As industry experts, people look to us to provide sound, credible advice that customers can rely on to make the best decisions when renovating or building their home or business. As we continue to grow our list of frequently asked questions on our website, we encourage you to take a moment to further build your expert knowledge so that when posed a question, you have the answer!

Devex Systems at the 2011 Sydney Home Show

The 2011 HIA Sydney Home Show was a great success! The Devex Systems stand received an overwhelming response from home owners, builders and skilled tradesmen. Our electric floor heating systems attracted lots of attention from people interested in heating their bathrooms and kitchens. For larger applications, people found our hydronic floor heating systems to be a great option. Both systems offer a cost-effective and energy efficient alternative to conventional heating. Visitors got a thrill from testing out our floor heating [...]