Introducing the New Comfortline Terrace Heater

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Comfortline Terrace Heater

The electric Comfortline Terrace Heater is based on the concept of radiant heating.  Radiant heating delivers warmth directly to occupants and surfaces using radiation instead of air convection, which is just like the sun, yet these heaters do not waste energy by emitting unwanted visible light which helps ensure minimal running costs.  Since radiant heating is independent of airflow, it can be used effectively in outdoor locations, where heating the air is not practical and can be inefficient.

Devex Systems are the exclusive supplier of Comfortline Terrace Heaters in Australia, and we offer this product with a 5-year warranty.  It has an elegant design that allows it to blend into most environments.

Comfortline Terrace Heater: Product Features and Installation Info

The Comfortline Terrace Heaters are easy to install, being provided with adaptable mounting brackets and a 2m flexible lead that can be wired in or fitted with a three-pin plug.  The supplied brackets allow it to be angled to different orientations when mounted on either walls or ceilings, and if installed vertically or at an angle, then the lead wires are to be located at the lower end of the heater.  When installed on a wall, the Comfortline Terrace Heater requires a minimum clearance of 1.8 metres from the floor.

They are black on all surfaces, which makes them unobtrusive when blending into a dark background.  The product is available in 1000-watt and 1500-watt versions, and multiple units can be used for larger areas, allowing the product to meet a broad range of heating needs.  Up to three heaters can be installed together in a cluster for a maximum output of 4500 watts per cluster.  Clustering is achieved by fixing the heater to the optional two or three heater mounting brackets. The three heater bracket permits each individual heater to be angled separately.

The Comfortline Terrace Heater comes with an IP45 rating, which means it is well-suited for all types of installations provided it will not be exposed directly to rain, dusty or dirty environments. They are therefore ideal on terraces and balconies.

The Comfortline Terrace Heaters are constructed from Aluzinc coated steel with a quality powder coat finish which when combined together provides a high resistance against corrosion.  The heating elements are swaged into an extruded aluminium heating panel and have an internal reflector to maximise the radiant heat output.

Where Can the Comfortline Terrace Heater Be Used?

With its radiant heating technology and adjustable mounting brackets, the Terrace Heater can be used in many applications. The product offers excellent performance in outdoor areas such as terraces, balconies, patios, umbrellas, pergolas, marquees, garden tents and courtyards. Of course, it is also suitable for indoor applications such as hospitality, healthcare, churches, sports and education.

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