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Hydronic Heating Systems: A Promising Business Opportunity for Plumbing Contractors


In this blog post, we will discuss 4 ways in which plumbing contractors benefit by adding floor heating systems to their service offering.


What is hydronic radiant underfloor heating?


Hydronic underfloor heating systems are characterised by their energy efficiency, silent operation and comfort. Conventional heating systems normally use the concentrated heat output of fan coil units. However, these units do not achieve a uniform heating effect, and forced air circulation requires extra energy. On the other hand, the entire floor provides a warming effect when underfloor heating is used.

Devex Systems hydronic underfloor heating uses warm water pipes to warm a room, and these pipes are installed under the floor covering. The term “hydronic” is used to describe systems that circulate hot water – hydronic floor heating is a potential business opportunity for plumbers.


What are the advantages of Devex Systems underfloor heating installations?


1) Underfloor Heating Becomes a New Source of Revenue

Plumbing contractors who work with home installations can earn more per project if they install our customised hydronic heating systems. This service can be offered to business clients as well, since floor heating is equally effective in commercial buildings.

Residential heating equipment is normally installed by HVAC contractors. However, a hydronic floor heating system is essentially a plumbing installation, since hot water pipes must be embedded throughout the floor.

  • Hydronic underfloor heating is compatible with gas boilers along with heat pumps, and the system can also be combined with a solar hot water collector.
  • This gives homeowners the flexibility to choose between different energy sources for their space heating needs.


2) Hydronic Floor Heating Systems Are Easy to Install

How easy is it to install floor heating systems?

Devex Systems hydronic underfloor heating is specially designed piping and components, which can be used with many types of floors. Plumbing contractors can learn how to install these systems with relative ease, and they can quickly expand their service offering. Contractors can learn on site with our team, via zoom or in some cases on the first hydronic job that you win. Our Estimating Team is ready to support you through the design process and ensure you have quoted correctly.

Hydronic floor heating installations with Devex Systems can add value to a home design without delaying construction, since the system is compatible with most floor materials. Warm water pipes can be embedded in the slab or screed, and plumbing contractors must install them before the corresponding floor layer is poured.


3) Underfloor Heating is Comfortable, and Customers Will Recommend the System

Hydronic underfloor heating warms a room with natural air convention, which is more comfortable than forced airflow or concentrated heat from radiators. The heating effect from the floor is also more uniform, which means that all areas will achieve a suitable temperature. On the other hand, air handlers and radiators result in a mix of colder and warmer areas.

Devex heating systems are not only more comfortable, but also more efficient. Clients will also appreciate the lower heating bills by reduced running costs and improving energy efficiency and they will recommend the technology to friends and relatives. For plumbers who work with hydronic floor heating, this represents more projects.

Compared with forced air heating, underfloor heating is also a healthier option. Fans can spread harmful particles like dust and viruses, but this is not an issue when heat is carried by natural convection. Even when indoor air is kept clean, the warm drafts from fans can cause discomfort.


4) Co-Marketing Opportunity with Devex Systems

Founded in 1978, Devex Systems has more than 40 years of experience providing heating solutions for Australian homes and businesses. Devex Systems is also part of the Danish DEVI Group, a leading manufacturer of heating systems, since 1993.

By partnering with Devex Systems, plumbing contractors benefit from our brand recognition in the Australian market. We offer a 7-year installation warranty for our hydronic floor heating systems, and we use Rehau piping with a 25-year product warranty.


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