Gas Radiant Tube Heaters, the Perfect Energy Efficient Heating Solution for Large Applications

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Gas Radiant Tube Heaters, the Perfect Energy Efficient Heating Solution for Large Applications

During the winter months it is becoming more common for large applications like factories and warehouses to use overhead heating in an effort to maintain a more comfortable working environment for staff and visitors passing through.  Staying abreast of innovative, reliable and cost-effective heating solutions on the market is a continuous effort, especially when it comes to heating large spaces.

Heating large applications isn’t always cheap, so it is imperative to put the time in at the front end to ensure you find the best system to suit your heating and application needs. Large industrial and commercial applications can require sophisticated systems and with the number of heating products on the market today, it can be a challenge to differentiate the good from the bad, but if cost savings are at the forefront of your mind, an energy efficient overhead gas radiant tube heateris a product to consider.

Gas radiant tube heaters are fast becoming the established norm in many parts fo the world for heating large environments.  The high efficiency of these systems is attributed to the science of radiant heat in that it heats people and objects, not the air. Infrared waves penetrate the air as electromagnetic waves – similar to the heat emitted by the sun. Industrial and commercial applications including warehouses, industrial factories, garages, sports facilities, gymnasiums and arenas are a great fit for these systems. These systems can be used in smaller applications like cafés and restaurants that fulfil certain requirements, but tend to be used more commonly in more opened spaces.

There are a number of features that will effect the level of efficiency your system offers. Systems with the highest radiant factors are required to optimise energy savings and carbon reduction. The Schwank Group patented a ceramic burner technology in 1938 that makes their tube heaters one of the most efficient on the market.  The ceramic burner technology creates a long, laminar flame that supports the uniform transfer of heat through the tube.  This ensures an even distribution of radiant heat and is instrumental to achieving a high degree of energy efficiency which can lead to impressive cost-savings over a relatively short period of time.

It is of particular importance to match each area’s operating characteristic with the correct heater type. Having multiple working areas can require different temperature settings and operating times, so flexibility is paramount. This can be easily achieved through zoning controls which can often be controlled and monitored by the site’s central building management system.

Selecting a system with intuitive technology is a vital part of achieving further cost-savings. It allows for fully modulating controls that adjust to the actual heat demand, a feature that can be difficult to find in most systems. Similar to the way in which a car can accelerate or decelerate through the gradual and controlled motion of someone’s foot. In well-designed responsive systems, reaching the desired temperature should be extremely fast.  Like switching on a light, the heat should be felt immediately.

Many large facilities use systems that have not been designed properly and are not able to effectively transfer the heat in a downward direction. This leads to a risk of losing large amounts of air with the opening and closing of site doors and windows. The more refined systems on the market have sophisticated technology to ensure against convective heat loss which increases the systems radiant factor significantly, again improving on efficiency.  Selecting a system that has reflectors designed to trap convection heat for conversion to radiant heat is another important factor in ensuring the heat moves in the desired direction. To satisfy heating and comfort requirements of a building with high levels of heat loss, radiant heating systems achieve this by warming the people and objects instead of the air.

Depending on the quality and lifespan of your existing system, it may be time to think about a replacement or an upgrade.  Don’t wait until your current system kicks the bucket; if it is not performing to your expectations or is nearing the end of its lifecycle, it may be an ideal time to invest in a better system that will result in considerable cost savings and a significantly higher degree of comfort. Selecting a system that offers a high return on investment over a short period of time can be tough to find, but it is possible.

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