Affordable Comfort Heating from the Ground Up and from the Ceiling Down!

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Affordable Comfort Heating from the Ground Up and from the Ceiling Down!

DEVEX SYSTEMS is a leading supplier of specialised heating solutions for new and existing buildings in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Our core business was originally founded upon radiant floor heating allowing us to offer affordable comfort heating from the ground up. We also offer affordable comfort heating from the ceiling down with our range of overhead radiant heating panels.

For over 40 years Floor Heat Australia, our installation and after-sales service & support division of the business, has been supplying high quality, European-made electric floor heating systems and hydronic floor heating based on customised designs to suit your specific needs.  Having completed over 60,000 installations across Sydney alone, we are widely respected in the industry for installing technically advanced, economical and environmentally responsible heating systems that meet Australian standards.

Electric Floor Heating is known to deliver total radiant comfort heating from the ground up while being hidden from view, these systems are designed to fit effortlessly into any environment without taking up valuable floor space. They are silent, safe and offer superior comfort.

Electric floor heating is a cost effective heating solution taking into account both upfront and running costs.We offer various systems that are compatible with almost any floor covering. Commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces, our electric floor heating systems are low maintenance and come with a 10 year warranty on mats and cables. These systems can be complemented by our range of X thermostats – sleek, modern and easy-to-use complete with a best in class 5 year warranty!

Hydronic Floor Heating is a water based system that is generally used in large spaces and can be paired with a number of different energy sources including natural gas, electric heat pump or solar energy keeping running costs down. These systems offer total comfort heating with an even distribution of warmth across the floor space.

They use minimal energy consumption and can be installed under almost any floor covering surface. Our installers are accredited with Rehau and our pipes are backed by a 25 year warranty.

Please note that supply & install of electric and hydronic floor heating is available in Sydney only. Supply-only is available Australia wide.

Comfortline Overhead Electric Radiant Heating Panels are the perfect solution for hard-to-heat indoor and outdoor areas. They are ceiling mounted, which means they avoid using valuable floor space. These heating panels cost about 60 cents/hour to run#, whereas a typical mushroom heater or bottled gas system could cost five times as much – up to about $3/hour.^  Odourless, silent and non-polluting, the radiant heat offers up to 10% more usable energy than similar panels.

Comfortline heating panels are made of a unique “silicating” treatment on the heating surface which makes them emit more heat downwards. They have a sleek and modern appearance and are ideal for homes, schools, shops, garages, offices, outdoor patios etc. For industrial applications, please visit our website, to learn more about our Schwank gas radiant overhead tube heaters.
# Assumes CL24 with electricity at 25c/kWhr
^ Assumes $25 refill for 9kg LPG bottle

Learn more about our other specialised heating solutions including Schwank gas radiant overhead tube heaters designed for industrial applications.

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