10 Reasons to Consider Specifying the AB-QM Valve on your Next Project!

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10 Reasons to Consider Specifying the AB-QM Valve on your Next Project!

10 Reasons to Consider Specifying the AB-QM Pressure Independent Balancing & Control Valve on your Next Project

Despite all the innovations in the field of equipment efficiencies, optimising HVAC systems to ensure they consistently operate at an optimum level of efficiency has been a challenge — until now!

Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider specifying the AB-QM Valve on upcoming projects:

1) An innovative 2-in-1 structure, the combination of a compact automatic balancing valve and a control valve

2) Requires fewer parts, less commissioning time and the elimination of the need for expensive partner valves and common valves

3) Effectively eliminates the impact of system pressure fluctuations and continuously optimises HVAC systems towards greater efficiency through the elimination of over-pumping

4) Ensures chiller and boiler efficiencies are at their full potential while effectively delivering improved climate control

5) Enables HVAC systems to stay AUTOMATICALLY optimised

6) Achieves virtually 100% valve authority, consequently improving the indoor air climate by stabilising room air temperature and reducing temperature fluctuations throughout the day

7) Ensures constant flow through the valve irrespective of system pressure fluctuations. The differential pressure controller is designed to keep a constant pressure drop across the valve

8) Reduces the overall capital cost of a new HVAC system

9) Can be used in both new construction and retrofit projects

10) A fast payback on a conservative upfront investment for retrofit applications and an immediate payback on new projects

** Designed by Danfoss, a longstanding market leader in heating and cooling systems
** European parts



The AB-QM PIBCV is the perfect solution for terminal units such as fan coil units, chilled ceilings, air handlings units etc. in commercial applications.

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A Solution for Everyone Involved:

Engineers & Specifiers enjoy the AB-QM’s innovative and comprehensive, 2-in-1 structure because it is a simple and extremely reliable solution to solving a number of temperature and energy wastage problems in large commercial and industrial applications.

Contractors rave about the AB-QM’s ability to eliminate installations of numerous parts involved in the control and adjustment of the HVAC system. The AB-QM valve also makes system commissioning quick and effective for the installer and helps reduce the overall capital cost of a new HVAC system.

Building Owners enjoy substantial savings on their energy bills with a fast payback on a conservative upfront investment for retrofit applications and an immediate payback on new projects. There are significantly less maintenance/service calls required and tenants are much happier with the improved indoor air comfort.

Tenants are much happier because of the reduction of temperature fluctuations throughout the day. They can enjoy a comfortable, balanced and controlled indoor air climate.


How we can Help you to Optimise your HVAC System:

The AB-QM valve can be used in retrofit as well as new construction projects and is the perfect solution for controlling terminal units such as fan coils, chilled ceilings and air handling units. With our extended product range of valve sizes and matching actuators we can offer you perfection in control, even at low flows.

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Obligation-free Assessment:

Enquire about our obligation-free assessment for commercial applications. This assessment will help you to determine the potential energy savings available to you or your client. Test case opportunities are available.

In-Person Presentations & Online Webinars:

We also offer in-person presentations or online webinars given by informed and knowledgeable staff. These informative and technically-rich presentations will discuss the valve’s functionality, application, energy & cost savings as well as local & international case studies – most notably a recent test case that was completed at the University of Technology, Sydney by Devex Systems and Danfoss.

Ask about the AB-QM test case that was conducted by Danfoss and Devex Systems at the University of Technology, Sydney!



This valve is designed and manufactured by Danfoss, an international market leader in heating & cooling systems and distributed country-wide by Devex Systems, a leader in heating, cooling and insulation solutions.

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