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Why Electric Outdoor Heating Panels? They are Smart Solutions for Hard-to-Heat Areas

After four decades, Devex Systems remains a market leader in the design and installation of innovative heating solutions for indoor and outdoor commercial and residential uses.  From outdoor electric overhead heating panels and gas radiant tube heaters, to hydronic and electric underfloor heating, Devex Systems has gained the trust and confidence of homeowners and major industry specifiers across the country.  In addition to their comprehensive range of sustainable and high-quality products, their reliable technical support and after-sales care remain second to none.

With the latest industry trend leaning towards sustainability with eco-friendly materials and resources, radiant heating delivers a smart solution for hard to reach areas, including offices, manufacturing factories, warehouses, workshops, garages, schools, churches, alfresco dining areas, outdoor entertainments areas, nursing homes and more. As opposed to forced air heat, electric overhead radiant heating systems offers a more balanced heat distribution whilst minimising the movement of dust particles, a benefit for allergy sufferers.

Devex Systems is proud to offer one of the top European manufactured product for electric overhead radiant heating systems, Comfortline™.

Why Choose Devex Systems’ Comfortline™ Electric Outdoor Heating Panels?

  • Odourless and non-polluting
  • Seamless design ideal for surface and recessed ceiling installation
  • Noiseless operation
  • No maintenance required
  • No air drafts

The Comfortline™ electric outdoor heating panels deliver a modern form of flexible heating similar to the heat of the sun on a cold winter day. The electric overhead radiant heating systems are made of a series of new anti-corrosive and improved panels that radiate a cost-efficient, gentle and long-lasting heat that enables the user to save up to 10% usable energy.

The upgraded modern design of electric outdoor heating panels features slanted edges and roughened surfaces, which increases the surface area and maximises its capacity to radiate heat. The radiant surface is antic-corrosive, made from alu-zinc metal for durability.

Comfortline™ Terrace Heaters

One of the products available, the Comfortline™ Terrace Heaters features a sleek black surface and designed for the zonal heating of winter gardens or roofed balconies and terraces. Each heater is equipped with mounting brackets than can be tilted for wall mounting. Devex Systems offer the Comfortline™ Terrace Heaters with a 5-year warranty.

For more information on the Comfortline™ Terrace Heater and the other options such as the Comfortline™ Excel and Comfortline™ Slimline or contact us on 1800 636 091.