5 Cool Bathroom Design Ideas for 2020

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bathroom design ideas

5 Cool Bathroom Design Ideas for 2020

You may have heard that most people regard the kitchen as their favourite room – but we’re here to turn that around.  After all, the kitchen may be the central hub where families prepare meals and swap after work pleasantries, yet it’s the bathroom where you really get your “me time”.  Perhaps your humble bathroom has only dropped down your list of favourites because it has stopped inspiring you. Need some serious bathroom design ideas to get your bathroom really singing in 2020? You got it!

1. Rain Shower

It’s no wonder you’re not getting your bathroom inspiration under your tired old showerhead.  However, don’t just get a new one – consider really ‘singing in the rain’ by simulating a beautiful, gentle and warm tropical downpour with a rain shower head.  After a long day or a hard workout, you will never have felt so calm and refreshed.

2. Funky basin

If there’s something you’ve noticed about a truly cool bathroom these days, it could just be the basin or sink.  Sadly basin designs have remained fairly stagnant for years, but now the sink is the scene of one of the best bathroom design ideas you could possibly adopt. Let’s take the ‘spoon sink’ amazingly elongated all the way to the ground, or grooved basins that will fascinate everyone from ages 3 to 99 or how about the minimalist ‘slabs’ sink with coloured recesses – and so, so much more!

3. Underfloor heating

Brrrr … especially in winter, but even after a relaxing bath or shower on a lovely day, that freezing cold bathroom floor can really be uninviting.  One bathroom idea we recommend the most is underfloor heating. You may think this form of heating is not suitable for wet areas or for heating bathroom tiles – but you may not have seen what Devex Systems can offer you! And it’s not just the bottom of your feet that will be all snuggly – this amazing form of heating will also gently heat up the entire temperature of the bathroom. You want it, don’t you!?

4. Recessed walls

There’s something all the best bathroom design ideas for 2020 have in common and that’s style coupled with minimalism.  Think about it: wouldn’t it be cool to get rid of your bulky floating shelves? It can be achieved with recessed walls, giving you somewhere to put all your vital bathroom accessories in a truly stylish, minimalistic 2020-style bathroom.

5. Honourable mentions…

Almost no list could be complete of all the possible bathroom designs turning heads in 2020. But what about innovative skylights? Or clean, round pebble stone?  Hardwood floors instead of tiles? Huge, floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall mirrors? Big sliding doors that mean you can mingle with the outside world while bathing?

With a bit of planning and a little saving, all of these bathroom ideas for 2020 are achievable.

Is our bathroom inspiration missing anything? Just like you, here at Devex Systems we also think outside the box, so we’d love to hear from you.