2015 Sustainability Awards Finalists (Architecture & Design)

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2015 Sustainability Awards Finalists (Architecture & Design)

8 Oct 2015 Mona Vale, NSW: Devex Systems was one of eight finalist in the Innovation of the Year category for the 2015 Sustainability Awards last week.  The Innovation award recognises businesses that have recently launched a sustainable innovation into the marketplace.

Devex Systems was nominated for the Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub system. Solamander®  is an integrated and sustainable energy solution that meets a variety of domestic heating needs and has set new benchmarks for sustainability in the building industry.

This innovative ‘all-in-one’ solution allows home owners to use multiple energy sources for a variety of energy uses including hydronic floor heating, radiator heating, domestic hot water and pool heating. The ‘hub’ automatically prioritises renewable energy sources (i.e. solar and wetbacks) followed by the non-renewable energy sources to make for effective use of ‘free energy’ first and the most expensive energy sources last.

The Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub achieves an optimum and pleasant indoor environment with comfort heating on demand throughout the year while offsetting greenhouse gas emissions to ensure residential home owners get one step closer to a carbon-neutral home.

“This is a great honour for us.  We are a small business with limited resources, so developing the Solamander® innovation and being recognised by Architecture & Design’s 2015 Sustainability Awards for this accomplishment is truly wonderful. We have a very hard working and dedicated team of employees that really brought this innovation to life and this is something we are incredibly proud of” said Devex Systems, Managing Director, John Balass.

Features & Benefits:

Intuitive – Automatically prioritises renewable energy sources first followed by the non-renewable energy sources to make effective use of free energy first and the most expensive energy source last.

Also prioritises hot temperatures for domestic hot water and radiator heating to floor heating which requires lower temperatures for effective operation.

Future Proof – The system can be easily changed at a later date and is able to be used with any future hydronic energy source. It can also be configured and modified over time to add additional sources and uses that were not initially set up within the scope of the system. No re-plumbing is required.

Direct Action – Energy comes directly from a heat pump or gas boiler to the heat use, rather than by indirect energy transfer. This feature minimises energy losses and in the case where solar gain is available when heating is demanded, the system uses this free energy to pre-heat the boiler or heat pump water, thereby reducing its energy consumption.

Buffer Floor Heating – A designated floor area acts as a heat store in a similar way to the buffer water tank. Once the domestic hot water tank is full to its thermal capacity, excess renewable energy can be delivered to this buffer floor heating area and stored there for ongoing heating needs.


Optimal solar or wet back harvesting – The system uses special flow regulating valves that can ensure water is delivered at a high, pre-defined temperature from the solar panels or wet back. As the solar panels heat up the water flow is increased through the panels maintaining a constant temperature of 75 degrees C* into the system. This results in a steady flow of energy that always has a high utility valve. *Can be fine-tuned via the controller within set limits.

Prioritisation of Heat Uses – The system prioritises the use of high-temperature water for domestic hot water & radiator heating over hydronic floor heating which requires lower temperatures for effective operation.

DEVEX SYSTEMS excel at heating & cooling solutions for new and existing buildings in the residential, commercial and industrial environments since 1978. Specialising in-floor heating, overhead heating and HVAC hydronic systems, Devex Systems strive to provide superior comfort through high quality sustainable heating and cooling solutions, which are delivered with service excellence. For more information please visit https://www.devexsystems.com.au/

Webpage link: https://www.devexsystems.com.au/solamander/