devex boiler

The X Boiler – Discrete, Powerful with a Low Environmental Impact

From its compact design and impressive heat output, to its low-level emissions, Devex Systems’ new range of X Boilers offers a range of homeowner benefits. The advanced design and compact size (740 x 400 x 340 mm) make these condensing boilers suitable for different locations throughout the home.

Thanks to the wide modulation range, short-cycling is minimised during the operation of the X Boiler, which increases its lifespan. Additionally, our boilers are easily connected to domestic hot water tanks with an integrated 3-way valve. The X Boiler is available in two versions – the BD 23 with a modulated output from 3.1kW up to 23.0kW or the BD 38, from 4.5kW up to 38.0kW.

The X Boiler is a recent addition to our growing line of products known as the X-Brand. Since October 2018, we have been producing our own line of high-quality cables, mats and gas boilers in addition to thermostats. All of our products feature innovative heating technologies that are energy efficient and cater to the specific needs of Australians.

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