Product Range

  • infraSchwank Tube Heater

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    The infraSchwank’s unique patented ceramic burner technology and specialised design of  tubes and reflectors sets the standard in the realm of tube heaters and energy efficiency. Noticeable energy savings are easily achieved without compromising the quality or amount of heat felt.

    *Radiant factor of an infraSchwank 30 measured by DVGW laboratory according to DIN EN 416-2

  • calorSchwank Tube Heater

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    The calorSchwank is the premium  model  among  Schwank  tube  heaters. The calorSchwank is incredibly energy efficient consuming up to 20% less energy than that of the infraSchwank.  This premium model tube heater achieves this level of efficiency thanks to its innovative burner technology and high quality ceramic reflector insulation.   A combination of other advanced materials also enhances the radiant characteristics of the tubes and reflection properties of the reflector.

    These heaters also ensure lower energy costs because of their insulated interior which minimises the amount of convection heat and increases the radiant factor and improving the efficiency as heat that accumulates below the ceiling is considered a waste of energy.

    * radiant factor of a calorSchwank 30 measured by DVGW laboratory according to DIN EN 416-2

  • Mirror Demisters/Heaters

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    Comfortline Mirror Foils eliminate the age old problem of foggy, steamy mirrors. No more wiping, no more streaks. They are quick and easy to install, with a self adhesive backing can be connected via the power/light/fan switch.  Running costs are low – comparable to a light globe. Available in three handy sizes, they can be adjusted to suite various shapes.Comfortline Mirror Foil are maintenance free, they are manufactured using safe, rugged double insulated heating cable. Can be wired to a RCD protected power point with added switch or RCD protected light circuit with or without extra switch.

  • Comfortline Ceiling Heater Foils

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    Comfortline ceiling foils come in standard widths and can be cut to length on site to suit each particular ceiling application. Prices are per metre of foil. The foils are terminated on site and can be connected in series using connectors and connector covers. The maximum current of any  one length  should  not  exceed 10 Amps. NOTE: 1.5mm2 Cold-Tail cabling is required but not included unless  ordered  separately.

  • Slimline

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    Slimline panels are an efficient and effective radiant heating panel designed for ceiling mounting. The panels can be used in many applications. With a high IP rating, CL750IN is suitable for outdoor applications. Slimline panels owe their superior heat emission to inner and outer surface treatments. The treatment on the inner side is called ‘thermoquartz’. This material assures the highest absorption of heat. On the outer side is a layer of ‘thermocrystal’, which ensures the highest efficiency emission.

  • Comfortline Original

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    Comfortline panels are designed specifically for outdoor and indoor hard-to-heat areas. They emit up to 10% more usable heat than similar panels on the market and have a very high heat emission thanks to a unique surface ‘silicating’ treatment that increases the actual surface area.This treatment ensures the highest possible level of heat emission from the surface of each panel.

    These panels have a high level of insulation that increases efficiency and helps eliminate vibrations. They are packed with mineral wool insulation that reduces heat losses upwards and makes them more efficient to run.

    The radiant surface of the panels are designed in sections of naturally anodised aluminium, reinforced by a steel section to provide good mechanical strength. The panels have a modern design with a white powder-coated steel plate case. These panels come complete with a 2 year warranty.

  • Comfortline Excel

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    The European-made Comfortline Excel is a new and improved version of the Comfortline Original series setting an further refined standard for the quality and workmanship behind these high temperature overhead heating panels. The Comfortline  Excel model takes into account the results of overseas analysis and recommendations from sources such as the Thales  laboratory in Australia.  This new series of panels is tried, tested and true reflecting over two decades of manufacturing and design expertise and  experience. This product comes complete with a 5 year warranty!

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  • Comfortline Terrace Heater

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    The Comfortline Terrace heater is a sleek, modern and elegantly designed radiant heater with no glare for domestic and commercial applications.

    Because these heaters have a significantly lower surface temperature than halogen heaters, they do not radiate unwanted light when in operation. The surface of these panels matt black in colour and the panels are equipped with a two-metre connection cable with a plug. The panels also come with tiltable mounting brackets for wall mounting at an angle. The minimum height at which such panels can be installed is 1.8m above the floor (the lower edge of the panel); for panels installed on the ceiling there must be a min. gap of 30cm between the ceiling and the upper edge of the panel.


  • Radiator Panels

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  • Diffusion Plates (Insulation)

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    The Diffusion Plate System accommodates 16mm heating pipes and uses 0.8mm thick aluminium plates to diffuse the heat over the floor area. The heat is then transferred through the floor surface into the room. Due to the high conductivity of the  plates  the reaction  time  compared  to  traditional  screed  systems  is  reduced.

    This system has been designed for timber joist floors or battened timber floors over concrete slab applications with hydronic floor heating systems. Insulation is required under a suspended timber floor application and is recommended when installed over a concrete floor.

    Size: 1.0m x 0.338m in 0.8 thick Aluminium with 200mm 2-channel pipe spacing. Conductivity 160W/mK.

    Maximum thickness of wood surface over the diffusion plate: 20 mm.

  • Baxi Boiler

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    Baxi Commercial Boilers

    Baxi is a market leader in high efficiency commercial condensing boilers that are designed to deliver heating water for hydronic

  • Danfoss Return Temperature Limiter FJVR Valve bodies

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    The FJVR valve (normal flow) is used exclusively in conjunction with the FJVR return temperature limiter sensor. The FJVR valve is mounted in the outlet of a radiator or floor heating circuit. The valve and sensor can be fitted in any position as long as the flow direction is observed.