Schwank Overhead Heating by Devex Systems

Schwank Overhead Heating by Devex Systems

Gas Radiant Overhead Heating by Schwank

The Schwank Gas Radiant Overhead Tube Heater is an energy efficient, gas run overhead heating option designed for large commercial and industrial spaces. Having invented the world’s first gas infrared heater, Schwank’s innovative ideas have been setting the pace in the heating industry for more than 75 years.


This heating solution has been a huge success in international markets servicing manufacturing warehouses of companies like, Bauer, Bosch, Air New Zealand and Magna – just to name a few.

Schwank’s overhead radiant heating systems are made in Germany and built with only the most innovative of technologies. The Whisper-Jet burner and burner plates are patented technology which create a 5m long laminar flame that effectively heats the given space. Schwank is an international market leader in gas radiant technology.

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