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Schwank High Efficiency Tube Heaters: Reducing your Energy Costs

Based on the science of infrared radiant heating, Devex Systems offers a range Gas Radiant Overhead Tube Heaters that save on energy and significantly reduce the costs associated with heating commercial and industrial spaces.

1) Infrared radiation – The Efficient Kind of Heating

Schwank utilises the infrared radiation principle to produce heating systems that consume less energy and save on energy costs. By increasing the radiant heat temperature, the air temperature can be lowered without compromising comfort.

2) Avoiding hot air stratification below the ceiling – Infrared Heaters = Warmth at Occupancy Level

Infrared heaters by Schwank are designed to heat the surfaces, completely avoiding the thermal lift within buildings. Expensive and unnecessary hot air stratification beneath the building’s ceiling is reduced, lowering energy consumption and saving energy costs.

3) Reduction of transmission losses – Heating Buildings without Losses

The higher the temperature difference between two media, the more they strive to compensate for the temperature difference. This effect is called “transmission” and also applies to outside and room temperatures. Infrared heating can be precisely directed so that it does not heat the building walls more than necessary. It also reduces the difference between inside and outside temperatures to minimise transmission losses.

4) Short reaction and heat-up times – Additional transfer media prevents heat from being transferred inefficiently

Schwank infrared heaters directly generate radiant heat, unlike central heating systems that take time to heat up the air in the building envelope. Thanks to the short heat-up times and modulating control system the operating times of the heating system can be reduced to the absolute minimum while the distribution of heat can be felt immediately.

7 ways to reduce your energy costs using Schwank infrared heaters by Devex Systems

5) No distribution losses – Direct Radiant Heat Without any Losses

Conventional central heating systems cause energy and heat losses due to the long heat-up times accompanied by distribution and transmission losses. Locally installed infrared heaters made by Schwank directly convert primary energy such as natural gas, LPG or biogas to radiant heat, avoiding unnecessary transformations and transfer distances.

6) Heat only at the time and in the zone needed – Individual Heating Zones

Schwank infrared heaters can heat both the entire building and individual workspaces efficiently with the ability to control temperature individually in independent heating zones. The on-demand heating systems can be controlled according to actual use and to the shift and working times. An intelligent heating control adapted to these needs reduces the operating times of the entire heating system and directly saves energy costs.

7) Just the heating output needed – Intelligent Temperature Control

Schwank infrared heaters are offered with fully modulating control, ensuring the output of the heating system can be perfectly matched with the actual heat requirement of a building. Key benefits include enhanced level of comfort and further energy savings of up to 14%.