DeviregTouch Thermostat

This is great news for home owners currently using or considering floor heating. Designed and developed based on consumer feedback, this thermostat has a sleek and modern appearance with a user-friendly touchscreen, is easy to install and is the most intuitive timer thermostat on the market today.

Further to this, the DEVIregTM Touch offers a number of built-in energy saving features designed to save the customer money by reducing the overall energy consumption of their floor heating system.   DEVIregTMTouch offers some intelligent energy saving features like a built-in open window function that makes the thermostat able to register a quick drop in the temperature. The thermostat then turns off the heating, making sure no unnecessary energy is wasted.

With its large touch screen display this innovative thermostat offers users superior usability and accurate temperature control for optimum comfort. Its large touch screen display is very simple in nature, complete with a well-lit screen, clear icons and text, and a selection of accessory frames. Other notable features include a code system for remote trouble shooting and fully flexible timer program with a 15 minute time setting accuracy. Installers praise the easy set-up wizard and unique code option to setup the thermostat in a matter of seconds. The very same code can be used to export the settings to a computer to ease remote trouble shooting.

The possibility to replace many other branded thermostats while re-using the existing floor sensor makes the DEVIregTM Touch the most suitable controller for both new build and renovation situations and its 2-part construction makes it possible to finish the installation at a time that best suits the installer.

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Other Features & Benefits

  • 2” Touch screen with intuitive and easy menu navigation in 19 languages
  • Fully flexible timer program with a 15 minute time setting accuracy
  • Hassle free installation with almost any available frame system
  • Code system for remote trouble shooting
  • Online web support for installers – easy and straight forward!
  • Energy reduction package including an open window detection, energy use readout, easy access button and a 3rd generation smart timer with fade-out feature
  • 5 year warranty!

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