As a builder, if the home owner is looking to put either electric or hydronic floor heating in their home, we always turn to Floor Heat Australia. Their products are European-made and reliable.  The installation team always shows up with a comprehensive safety package and their vans are stocked with personal protective equipment which is important to us as safety is a priority on our sites. On the most recent job they completed for us, in Dover Heights, it was extremely important that they had the job done on time and according to the set schedule in order for the other elements of the project to fall into place accordingly. Floor Heat Australia had no problem completing the Hydronic floor heating installation (under a polished concrete floor) ahead of schedule. The installation was neat and tidy and the guys are always friendly and very efficient. I also like the idea that floor heating is based on the principle of ‘radiant’ heat, so it is much more efficient than traditional heating.  Their new DEVI DeviregTouch has also been a great addition to their range of thermostats and we’ve had a lot of good feedback on it because it is very easy to program and incredibly intuitive.