Largest AB-QM Installation to Date – Prime Tower – Zurich, Switzerland

Largest AB-QM Installation to Date – Prime Tower – Zurich, Switzerland

Prime Tower – Zurich, Switzerland

The Danfoss AB-QM Pressure Independent Balancing & Control Valve with AME Actuators

This project used a record amount of 6150 AB-QM valves with corresponding AME actuators!  The use of the Danfoss AB-QM ensured this building’s HVAC system was optimised towards much greater efficiency.

Project: Prime Tower
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Application: AB-QM pressure independent control valve for heating and cooling
Building information Prime Tower
Start of construction: 2009
Completed: 2012
Number of floors: 36
Height: 126 metres
Buildings in this complex:
1. Prime Tower (Offices)
2. Diagnal (Offices)
3. Plattform
4. Cubus
Environmental labels:
LEED Gold, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Minergie® greenproperty, the Credit Suisse AG seal of approval for sustainable real estate
Design and installation:
Designers and contractors, working on the design of the Prime Tower, wanted to realise a really energy efficient building with a 4-pipe system (change over) with Radiant Cooling and Heating Ceilings, 268 Manifolds for the pipes and 0-10 Thermal Actuators.

The valve addresses a number of inefficiencies that are common to many large HVAC systems:

  1. It eliminates over-pumping throughout the system by only delivering the required flow to the terminal units
  2. It keeps the delta T high which maximises the efficiency of the chillers and boilers, and
  3. It provides superior control of room temperatures creating greater comfort all while consuming less energy!

The AB-QM’s unique design gives it significant advantages over alternatives:

  1. It offers virtually 100% authority over its design pressure range, and
  2. It does this over a large range of settings
  3. It is not sensitive to clogging as it does not use cartridge technology, and
  4. It can be adjusted in the field which is great for the contractor should the project requirements change along the way