Introducing the DEVIregTM Smart Thermostat

Introducing the DEVIregTM Smart Thermostat

Intelligent Floor Heating – DEVIregTM Smart Thermostat from Devex

Your smartphone, the perfect temperature controller – smart – electric floor heating regulation has never been easier.

Find out for yourself with the brand new level of electric floor heating comfort and control by Devex Systems, the DEVIregTM Smart. Designed to provide optimum floor heating comfort, exactly when and where you need it – making wasted heating a thing of the past, and perfect comfort a thing of the future – all with a simple touch.

The intuitive app control communicates via a secure cloud connection (such as what is used by banking applications), offers energy savings, and much more. Schedule your home heating to reduce cost – the system will automatically lower the temperature when you do not need it. Set the temperature and forget, the electric floor heating system fits your rhythm to provide seamless superior thermal comfort.

The system includes:

  • Stylish design that fits into your regular wall socket.
  • Open window detection automatically switches off the floor heating.
  • Smart control button for quick access to frost protection, away, and timer functions.
  • 7 day, 30 day, and lifetime energy consumptions readout in the app for increased energy use awareness.
  • Control thermostats in unlimited locations (e.g. home, holiday home, office, etc).
  • Can be paired with up to 10 mobile devices via the DEVIsmart™ app.
  • Can communicate with two mobile devices simultaneously.
  • Receive notifications / warnings about important system events.
  • Access dedicated support and troubleshooting directly from the app.

The system will continue to operate locally should your internet connection go down while the DEVIsmartTM app allows you to control all thermostats in multiple locations from a single point of access. The DEVIregTM control is available in four colours: black, ivory, polar, and pure.

Compatible with iOS and Android: The DEVIsmart™ App is compatible with iOS and Android. Download the app for free from Google Play or App Store.