Devex Systems Presents the AB-QM Valve at Engineers Australia!

Devex Systems Presents the AB-QM Valve at Engineers Australia!

Engineers Australia asked Devex Systems to present the new Danfoss AB-QM Pressure Independent Balancing & Control Valve to its members.

John Balass,  Devex Systems / Andrew Lowe, Engineers Australia / Derek Foong, Danfoss


With over 30 mechanical engineers in the audience, John Balass, Managing Director at Devex Systems (far left) and Derek Foong, Danfoss Global Technical Support Manager (far right) presented the functionality and application of the valve and shared the comprehensive findings from a recent test case that was completed at a Sydney University.

The AB-QM Pressure Independent Balancing & Control Valve:  Continuously Optimising HVAC Systems Towards Greater Efficiency

  • Requires fewer parts, less commissioning and the elimination of the need for expensive partner valves and common valves
  • Eliminates over-pumping and the impact of system pressure fluctuations
  • Ensures chiller and boiler efficiencies are at their full potential while effectively delivering improved climate control
  • Delivers significant energy and cost savings
  • Can be used in new construction or retrofit projects
  • A fast payback on a conservative upfront investment for retrofit applications and an immediate payback on new projects
  • The perfect solution for terminal units such as fan coils, chilled ceilings, air handling unites etc. for commercial applications








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