Debunked: 5 Myths about Floor Heating

Debunked: 5 Myths about Floor Heating

MYTH: Under Floor Heating (UFH) is a new unproven idea and probably will not suit my needs.

Answer: UFH can be installed in many different ways to provide effective comfort to the occupants.  When we design your under floor heating we can provide the solution that matches to the construction and way that you would like to operate the heating, such as quick heat up for short time use when showering in a bathroom through to thermal storage systems run on an off-peak supply for a Family/Kitchen area.  We have been installing under floor heating for over 37 years and use only reputable products from trusted manufacturers who back their products with long-term warranties.  These manufacturers have had their products installed in Europe for very many years and many homes use this as their primary heating with a much colder climate than we experience in Australia.


MYTH: Floor heating is expensive to install and expensive to run

Answer: Winter comfort can be achieved for a small bathroom for only a few hundred dollars installed with a programmable thermostat, with its running cost no more than a standard light bulb and can be lower than that of an overhead heat ray lamp, while providing a much more comfortable heating solution.  The average size bathroom is around $700-800 installed and costs less than a cappuccino to run for a week (2 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening).


MYTH: You can’t heat under timber floors

Answer: Heating timber floors is usually not a problem. Most floor surfaces can have under floor heating though some surfaces, such as timber floors, may have to have the heating level limited to comply with your flooring manufacturer’s specifications and ensure that the floor is not adversely affected.  When properly temperature controlled through floor and air sensing, a well-insulated room will provide an effective heating system.


MYTH: Air conditioning is the best   

Answer: Air conditioning is often drying, can irritate and stirs up dusts.  There are also higher heat losses with air conditioning, which means a higher energy requirement, and the environment it creates is less natural and oppressive.  One of the great advantages of floor heating, in bathrooms for example, is that heat is not lost in the exhaust air, as seen with conventional convection heating systems.  Floor heating provides a comfortable level of heating from below and is hidden from view so it considerably reduces the amount of traveling dust particles that are usually stirred up by air conditioning systems. This is a great relief to allergy and asthma sufferers. Floor heating is based on the science of radiant heat where it heats people and objects, not the air. Air conditioning systems on the other hand are based on convection heating which warm and circulate the air in a room.


MYTH: Anyone can install hydronic heating

Answer: There are many traps for the unwary when it comes to installing hydronic floor heating.  It is easy to install but experience with a clear understanding of this system is vitally important to ensure that the installation will operate efficiently and quietly with minimal maintenance requirements and so that it will meet the customer requirements with appropriate flexibility as seasons or even home owners change.


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