Danfoss AB-QM Celebrates 10 Years!

Danfoss AB-QM Celebrates 10 Years!


Danfoss is celebrating 10 years since the launch of the AB-QM internationally with over 3 million units installed since its release!

This valve revolutionised the HVAC industry with the introduction of two new high flow models to the range. The launch of 125mm and 250mm AB-QM valves means Danfoss now offers a complete collection of PICV capable of handling any size of application from DN10 – 250. Offering flows up to 442,000 litres per hour for the new 250mm model, the new AB-QM valves provide the potential for project cost reductions by downsizing valves.

This valve optimises HVAC systems towards greater efficiency improving the balance and control of room temperatures and offering substantial energy and cost savings to the end user while also eliminating the need to do any kind of manual balancing/calculations during the installation process.

One AB-QM valve replaces a control valve and balancing valve cutting down significantly on installation time. Its high valve authority and ability to automatically balance itself makes commissioning much quicker and more reliable while also reducing the overall capital and running costs associated with commercial HVAC systems.

We are currently offering product overview presentations on the Danfoss AB-QM Pressure Independent Balancing & Control Valve. The AB-QM valve was recently specified in Sydney’s Barangaroo project as well as a number of other local projects since its launch in Australia back in 2012. Presentations will be delivered on-site at your location or via webinar if you are interstate by our Managing Director. Please email Angie at [email protected] if you’d like to secure a date.