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Hydronic Underfloor Heating or Electric Underfloor Heating – Which is best?

Let’s start by mentioning that radiant underfloor heating, provided by both hydronic and electric installations, is a much better solution than forced-air central heating systems.   For one, the underfloor heating systems are nicely hidden away whilst forced-air systems feature a collection of unsightly ductwork, vents, and plenums that are all visible.  Additionally with underfloor heating systems, heat radiates from the floor giving you a comfortable warmth that won’t blow dust around like forced air heaters, a significant benefit for allergy sufferers. A [...]

Solamander Hydronic Hub – Top 6 Reasons We Love it!

This integrated and innovative energy solution prioritises renewable energy sources for a variety of uses in your home. #6 – The Solamander Hydronic Hub (aka the “Hub”) achieves an optimum and comfortable heating on demand. #5 – The system uses renewable energy to heat up radiators, hydronic floor heating, domestic hot water and pools. #4 – The prioritisation of renewable energy sources like solar power reduces the energy costs associated with domestic hot water. #3 – The system was designed as an environmentally [...]

Labour of Love

Experts will tell you that you should aim to get $2.50 to $3 back for every $1 spent on a bathroom renovation (Australian Property Investor 2019). However, the pleasure of having a room in your house that represents pure luxury and a haven of relaxation might outweigh any potential ROI – or sometimes, the ROI is a happy by-product. Melburnian homeowner Julie Vulin knew what she wanted and was involved in every step of her bathroom upgrade. The underfloor heating [...]

Why Electric Outdoor Heating Panels? They are Smart Solutions for Hard-to-Heat Areas

After four decades, Devex Systems remains a market leader in the design and installation of innovative heating solutions for indoor and outdoor commercial and residential uses.  From outdoor electric overhead heating panels and gas radiant tube heaters, to hydronic and electric underfloor heating, Devex Systems has gained the trust and confidence of homeowners and major industry specifiers across the country.  In addition to their comprehensive range of sustainable and high-quality products, their reliable technical support and after-sales care remain [...]

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The X Boiler – Discrete, Powerful with a Low Environmental Impact

From its compact design and impressive heat output, to its low-level emissions, Devex Systems' new range of X Boilers offers a range of homeowner benefits. The advanced design and compact size (740 x 400 x 340 mm) make these condensing boilers suitable for different locations throughout the home. Thanks to the wide modulation range, short-cycling is minimised during the operation of the X Boiler, which increases its lifespan. Additionally, our boilers are easily connected to domestic hot water tanks with [...]

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The new TS 500

The new TS 500 - Design Excellence without Compromise Devex Systems is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest product, the TS 500. This intelligent thermostat can control all household or commercial heating needs including electric and hydronic floor heating, as well as overhead heating and radiator panels. With a sleek and discreet design, the TS 500 is simple to use with coloured touch screen features and a built-in wizard assistant that clearly walks the user through the thermostat [...]