Choosing Smart Programmable Thermostats for the Right Application

An efficient floor heating system calls for the right thermostat. One that will provide users with control over the heating in specific rooms throughout the home to meet all of their expectations. Devex Systems offer a comprehensive range of thermostats catering to all kinds of applications. All thermostats have the same aim of providing temperature control, but generally, there are two types: programmable and non-programmable. Non-Programmable vs. Smart Programmable Thermostats Non-programmable thermostats are basic in features and functionality. The benefit of a [...]

DTouch Thermostat – Sleek, Intuitive, Easy to Install & User-Friendly!

The DeviregTouch Thermostat! Intuitive, User-Friendly, Easy to Install, Energy Saving & Sleek Appearance Click on video above to learn more! The DEVIregTM Touch offers a number of built-in energy saving features designed to save the customer money by reducing the overall energy consumption of their floor heating system.   DEVIregTM Touch offers some intelligent energy saving features like a built-in open window function that makes the thermostat able to register a quick drop in the temperature. The thermostat then turns off the heating, making [...]